Printer Recycling in Queens, NY

Printer Recycling in Queens, NY


Every year thousands of electronic appliances, including printers, end up being tossed out with normal domestic waste. However, electronic appliances are extremely harmful to the environment, due to components that rust or leak. The resulting metals and chemicals find their way into the soil, water tables and air, causing unnecessary pollution. We want to help you protect the environment, by acting as your first port of call in printer recycling, Queens NY. Our team will collect your old printers and make sure they are recycled and any working parts are put to good use.

There are multiple ways in which printer recycling, in Queens NY can help the environment. When printer manufacturers produce new devices, the metals and other component parts are largely sourced from the natural environment. These resources are finite, so it is important that manufacturers look to recycling to reduce the negative impact on the environment. Additionally, recycling can often reduce a company’s carbon footprint, as certain components can be reused without the need for environmentally damaging production methods. Jiffy Junk is a committed force in ensuring that our environment is protected and electronic devices, such as printers, computers, cell phones and televisions are put back into circulation rather than dumped along with general trash.


Responsible Printer Recycling, Queens, NY


Whether your printer has stopped working or you simply want to upgrade, we can help you ethically dispose of your old model. Jiffy Junk works in cooperation with leading charities and recycling agencies, in order to ensure your printers and other electronic devices are exposed of in the most environmentally friendly way possible. In the first instance, we aim to donate your used printers to charities for resell. Even if the printer has stopped working, we can often find a taker who can repair the device and sell it on at a reduced cost. Some smaller businesses and charities cannot afford to pay full price for large printers, so the next time you decide to upgrade your printers for your business, contact Jiffy Junk for a free estimation for printer recycling, Queens NY.

Help us help you fight e-waste in Queens NY, by contacting Jiffy Junk to find out just how easily we can collect, repurpose or dispose of your old printers. Together we can reduce the impact on the environment by properly disposing of electronic devices. In New York State, it is illegal to dispose of electronic equipment such as computers and printers with general waste. You could incur a fine, due to the hazards electronic equipment pose to the environment.

So let’s make printer recycling, in Queens NY a top priority for your business, as a step towards forging a greener future for all our citizens. Just let us know what, where and when, and we will take care of your old printers with ease and minimal disruption to your life or business. Remember that along with printer recycling, in Queens NY, we also remove and disposal of other electronic devices and furniture. Just make a list of the items that you wish to dispose of and we will do the rest.


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