Private Waste Removal, Brooklyn and Beyond

Private Waste Removal, Brooklyn and Beyond


Where do you turn when regular household trash pickup just isn’t enough? There are some jobs, like cleaning out an estate or purging before a big move, that generate too much for normal waste removal. Brooklyn residents can take advantage of some special programs offered by DSNY, but these can also be limited in scope and availability.

When you’re facing a big job on a tight deadline, things can feel even more stressful. Fortunately, you do have more options than you might think.


Waste Removal, Brooklyn Options and You


Every project is unique, which means you’ll need to carefully consider the demands of your particular job before settling on a plan for waste removal. Brooklyn is a densely-populated urban area, which can present a host of challenges and requirements. In addition to state and federal laws regarding how and where you can dispose of certain items, you’ll also be restricted by city ordinance and DSNY regulations.

Getting rid of an old mattress through DSNY? You’ll have to make an appointment for special pickup if it’s more than 4 feet by 3 feet in size. The mattress must be completely enclosed in a specialty mattress bag designed to prevent the spread of bedbugs before it’s taken out to the curb, or you could face $100 in fines. These bags are not provided by the Department of Sanitation, so you’ll have to find and purchase them yourself.

Is an old refrigerator part of your discard pile? This also must be handled with care in order to to stay on the right side of the law. In addition to removing hinges, doors and locking mechanisms, you must also be aware of what kind of coolant it contains before making an appointment. Any appliancecontaining coolant manufactured prior to 2010 likely uses a phased-out refrigerant known to deplete the ozone layer. This coolant must be removed by a professional before the appliance can be recycled.

Newer models aren’t necessarily easier to deal with, either. The coolant introduced to replace the one being phased out by the United States Environmental Protection Agency is highly flammable and will bear warning labels. These can’t be picked up by DSNY at all, leaving you to contact the manufacturer or seek out your own legally-compliant method of disposal.

These examples only scratch the surface. Special DSNY programs come with a variety of rules and regulations by which you must abide, and because appointments must be made in advance for almost all nontraditional household waste, you’re left to hope you can meet deadlines while complying with all the rules, laws and regulations.


Simplifying Waste Removal


You don’t have time to focus all your energy on becoming an expert in state, federal and local disposal law while also memorizing the guidelines for DSNY programs. After all, waste removal is only one aspect of a larger job. Still, it’s one aspect with the potential to completely derail your entire project.

At Jiffy Junk, we offer residential and commercial clients in all five boroughs, Nassau and Suffolk Counties true white-glove service with a focus on environmentally-sound business practices. We’ll do all the heavy lifting, no need to haul heavy items down to the curb or wrestle with bagging a mattress. Because we’re committed to ethical disposal, we’ll drop off usable items at donation centers before prioritizing nontraditional recycling programs to minimize landfill impact.

Let us help you make the waste management aspect of even the most daunting project less overwhelming.

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