Junk Disposal Can Be Quick and Easy in Suffolk County

Junk Disposal Can Be Quick and Easy in Suffolk County


You want to keep your home and community clean, and responsible junk disposal is important to you. Like so many other Long Islanders, you care about the environment. What you also share with most of your neighbors is a busy schedule. Junk disposal in Suffolk County is especially challenging, given the short list of available dump sites and waste recycling centers, and the long list of restrictions on how to dispose of your waste.

If you happen to be within a short drive of one of the two sites in Suffolk to dump your junk, consider yourself fortunate. You’ll still need to wait in line and choose the right time and date for your specific trash to be accepted.  In Islip, for instance, good luck getting anything other than construction debris accepted, and even then, only on their schedule. You’ll need to submit a bid for the town to collect your waste from the premises too. As if you’ve got the time to hold onto all your junk until the appointed time. There’s got to be a better way, Suffolk County.

Thankfully, there is a better way, and it’s called Jiffy Junk. We are a locally owned and operated service dedicated to providing our Suffolk County neighbors with first class junk hauling service, with respect and efficiency you can count on every time. With just a phone call or online booking, you can arrange a pickup appointment that suits your schedule and satisfies your needs.


Jiffy Junk, More Than Junk Disposal


If you’ve got a shed that needs to be cleaned out, we’ll give it our White Glove treatment. Everything will be hauled away and cleaned up for whatever else you have in store for that newly restored space on your property. Need that shed demolished too? We have you covered. Jiffy Junk provides demolition cleanup, construction debris cleanup and more.

You can call around to the few disposal sites available and try to schedule a trip out there to haul your junk on your own, hope they will accept it when you get there, and strain your back doing it all yourself. Or, you can dial Jiffy Junk and let us do it all for you. We will dispose of your junk quickly and responsibly. We do our junk disposal service in strict adherence to all federal, state and local regulations. You can be confident that when you contract Jiffy Junk to handle your junk removal, we will do so responsibly. Jiffy Junk is a 100% environmentally-friendly junk hauling company.

Any size job you must get done, we can handle it. For your home or business waste removal, Jiffy Junk is the one place to turn. Call us if you need to clean out an estate. Call Jiffy Junk for a garage or attic cleanout. Give us a call if you need to remove construction debris. Got furniture or appliances that must go? Give Jiffy Junk a call, and consider it done. Whatever your junk hauling or waste removal needs, you can trust Jiffy Junk to take care of it with courteous and reliable service.


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