The Quick and Easy Way Around Home Garbage Removal

The Quick and Easy Way Around Home Garbage Removal


Normal household garbage is easy to manage; you toss it into a can by the curb and municipal sanitation takes it away to be discarded or recycled. Home garbage removal becomes a bit more complicated, though, when there are bulky or unconventional items involved.

Cleaning out a garage to reclaim space intended for your vehicle? You can’t toss those old paint cans or chemical products into the bin because they’re environmental hazards. Purging your basement or attic? Outdated electronics must be recycled, or you could risk fines and citations. You may be surprised by the sheer volume of stuff lying around your home that you can’t legally or ethically send to the landfill. If you’re planning a big spring cleaning and organizing project, your waste management plan has the potential to make or break the entire enterprise.


Nontraditional Home Garbage Removal Options


The same municipal waste programs you rely upon for everyday waste may offer special programs for bulky items and appliances, but they vary from one municipality to the next. You will likely need to make appointments for large items to be picked up, and, depending upon what those items are, you may need to meet certain conditions.

Refrigerators, for example, will likely need to have the doors, hinges and locks removed for safety reasons. Models manufactured prior to 2010 will almost certainly contain a phased-out coolant that requires special removal before they can be recycled. Newer models contain a less environmentally-hazardous coolant but often can’t be picked up by municipal waste management at all due to the coolant’s high flammability.

There may also be rules or even legal requirements for bagging mattresses before they’re placed out for collection, how remodeling or construction waste must be managed, and a host of other guidelines you’ll have to research, since there are local variances in regulation.

Some waste placed out for municipal collection may be bound for recycling centers but a surprising amount simply ends up in a landfill. If you’re looking for a greener and more ethical option for home garbage removal, you will likely need to look beyond the free local services.


Managing Residential Waste Responsibly


You know it’s more ethical and more responsible to recycle, repurpose or donate items whenever possible, but it can often be easier said than done.

Items you no longer want that still have some useful life left can make a big impact through charitable donation, but you’ll still have to get those items to the donation center of your choosing. This means you’ll need access to a truck, or you’ll need to rent one, and you’ll be responsible for coordinating all the heavy lifting.

What about the items that are no longer useful but which contain recyclable or reclaimable materials? You may have to do a fair bit of digging to find out where they can be dropped off for recycling, and again, you’ll likely be responsible for your own transportation. Just like donation centers, recycling centers that also offer pickup are few and far between.

Our trained and knowledgeable Jiffy Junk technicians know exactly where and how the most challenging items can be disposed of safely and responsibly. Because we place a high premium on environmental responsibility, we always prioritize recycling and donation to minimize the landfill impact of every home organization project. We’ll come to you, anywhere in Nassau or Suffolk Counties and all five boroughs, to provide you with true white-glove service you can count on for quick, easy, cost-effective and ethical home disposal.


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