Quick and Painless Jacuzzi Removal

Quick and Painless Jacuzzi Removal


Ah, the relaxing joy of a Jacuzzi. At least, that is, until your hot tub needs to find another home. Has what was once an oasis of warmth and comfort on your property become the millstone around your neck? Does its ungainly shape and unmanageable weight leave you desperate for a solution? Whether you’re upgrading an older model, replacing a hot tub that’s no longer functional, or moving away and need to remove your broken-down Jacuzzi before a new family takes ownership of your house, you’re facing a challenge. It doesn’t have to be an insurmountable one, though.


What Becomes of Broken Hot Tubs?


When you purchased your Jacuzzi, no doubt you were invested in its longevity. Manufacturers know customers want a product to last, so that’s how hot tubs are designed. This very quality, however, is a major reason why disposing of a Jacuzzi can be so difficult. This particularly holds true if you care about your personal impact on the environment.

Acrylic spas and hot tubs are built to last and are not biodegradable. When they’re shoved off the back of a truck and into a landfill, those components will never break down or decay. They’ll simply take up space. There’s nothing “green” about dumping a Jacuzzi, but what other options exist?

If you’re planning to upgrade, ask your salesperson about haul-away programs. Many companies will offer free pickup and removal as part of the installation process. Be sure to also ask about the fate of these hot tubs, though, because there’s a decent chance your Jacuzzi will still end up in a landfill or a hot-tub graveyard on some manufacturer’s lot.

Selling for scrap is another viable option, one that may actually net you some cash if you’re willing to handle the transportation. You’re not going to fit a hot tub in the back of a pickup truck, though, so you’ll need access to a trailer and all the necessary restraints to ensure safe travel. This is in addition to the need for serious muscle, just to get your old Jacuzzi off the ground. Most of your spa will still likely end up in a landfill once it has been stripped of anything valuable.


Jacuzzi Removal Without the Stress


The last thing you want to do is worry about where your old hot tub will end up and what impact it will have on the planet. Recycling is the best and by far the most ethical choice, even though you’re responsible for making sure your hot tub gets to the right drop-off location.

At Jiffy Junk, we’re committed to protecting the planet and operating in an ethical, responsible manner. Our technicians will come to your home in Nassau or Suffolk Counties, uninstall your Jacuzzi and remove it from your property. We’ll even clean up, because we’re also committed to white-glove service excellence. Our techs will haul your old spa to the appropriate recycling center, making sure it doesn’t spend eternity in a landfill.

Jacuzzi removal can be simple, responsible, ethical and efficient. Call today: 844-543-3966.

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