Reasons to Order Carpet Removal in NYC

Reasons to Order Carpet Removal in NYC

Did you recently figure out that you have a great vintage hardwood floor under your old carpeting? Perhaps you’ve been renting out your place and the previous tenants ruined the carpet. The current condition is stained, rotting, burned or unraveling. You’ll be surprised how much odor can linger with an old carpet or large room rug.  Re3modeling a room with fresh paint, new trim and window treatments are a great start, but how about that old pile carpet? Maybe it’s just worn out. Putting down new carpet or other flooring could mean all the difference between a tired room and a modern style.

If you're in NYC and need to get rid of old, stained, or unwanted carpet, consider hiring professional junk removal services to efficiently and responsibly dispose of it for you. Our carpet removal service offers convenience, responsible disposal, safety, and legal compliance, saving you time and money while ensuring a hassle-free experience during your renovation or clean-up project in NYC.

The only problem once you decide to work on the new flooring, is that you have a seriously unpleasant task ahead with ripping out dirty old carpet and padding, pulling rolls of it out of your home and finding a place to haul it to. It doesn’t have to be that hard. Hiring a service for carpet removal in NYC could be the right answer for you. Possible reasons and benefits of not taking this chore on by yourself:


Putting in a new floor or refinishing the old hardwood underneath your carpeting might be a great way to finish off your remodel, but it’s still a lot of work. Before you can get to the “fun part” there is a lot of not-so-fun work to be done with ripping out the old carpet and padding, creating heavy, awkward rolls of fraying, dirty and often smelly carpet. It’s also got to be bundled and carried outside the building, possibly through small doorways and down flights of stairs. What’s left behind is a mess of dust, dirt, fibers, and who knows what. Jiffy Junk can come into your apartment or home, for one room or all rooms, move furniture, remove the carpet and padding, take all debris out of the home, and haul it away for you. The best part is that our junk removal services never leave a mess. We'll move your furniture per your instructions and clean up after themselves. You can save your time and energy for the new installation when they are done and gone. Our pros can usually schedule quickly and get it all done in one visit. Same day service is certainly convenient. Another convenience bonus is that along with your carpet and padding, Jiffy Junk could also haul away any other debris or junk from the rest of the previous remodel, including stored items no longer wanted. Most other carpet removal services can’t say that.

Responsible Disposal

It’s important to be responsible when disposing of your carpet and other related debris. Don’t consider dumping your carpet in an alley or roadside. Do you know where to take your old useless carpeting? Jiffy Junk sure does. To begin with, they care about keeping as much material out of the local landfills as possible. If they think your carpet can be recycled in any way, they’ll know exactly who can take it and where to go. No hassle or research for you. If they determine that your carpeting or other items that you have picked up cannot be recycled or reused, they are the experts in all manner of disposal available in your NYC neighborhood or Borough. They’ll see that your debris is disposed of without harming the environment or the community. In fact, chances are good that they’ll be able to make sure it can be used to improve your area with materials to create other useful community-minded products.


Safety is a much bigger factor in disposal of carpeting than you might imagine. Not only can large rolls of dirty carpet be heavy to pull out of your home, but also awkward and difficult to manage. Is it worth putting out your back or allowing a friend, family member or employee to injure themselves just for old carpeting?  Of course, there is also the possibility of medical costs and time lost at work to consider. Is it worth the risk? Let the Jiffy Junk pros take care of your debris. They have the proper tools and know-how to get it done quickly and safely. The other aspect of safety has to do with property damage that could occur with the carpet removal itself, stripping and tying the carpeting into bundles, as well as hauling out of the home or business. Consider the damage that could happen to the existing flooring during the removal as well as the floors, walls and corners while moving the bundles out of the house.  Jiffy Junk pros can handle it all, and they are bonded and insured. If damage does happen, you’re covered.


In NYC, it can cost hundreds of dollars in fines for improper disposal of waste, including carpeting, which is not included with the curbside waste services of the city. Some of the Boroughs have strict guidelines as to what and how items are to be disposed of or recycled. If you are a landlord, your commercial property carpet disposal requires additional actions to follow code, not only for the disposal of the old carpeting, but for the way in which it is removed from the rental space.Do you know your local ordinance? Do you want to do the research to figure it out or run the risk of making a mistake? Jiffy Junk pros know the disposal regulations of your NYC community. They’ll make sure you don’t incur any other surprise expenses from your disposal.

Save Time and Money

While “Doing It Yourself” can often save money in some areas, when removing carpet and resulting debris from your NYC home or business, there are a lot of ways you can waste money with fees and fines, not to mention that your time is also worth something. Outsourcing your disposal of carpeting and any additional debris from your remodel or other stored junk can save you both time and money. You can use your time for other things, for instance, preparing for the installation of the new flooring or other projects on your to do list. You might also be able to write off using a removal service as part of the expense of your home remodel.

Hauling your Old Carpet

Even if you have easy access to a truck, do you really want to be the one to have to load it out of your home and physically take it to a recycle or disposal center?  Renting a truck seems wasteful when you could just have Jiffy Junk do the entire removal job and haul the debris away.

Carpet Removal in NYC Done Painlessly at Affordable Price

If you’re getting rid of carpeting, you’re probably in the middle of a remodel to begin with.  You don’t want to take the time to worry about carpet removal. What if you could get it all taken care of without breaking a sweat in the same day with no leftover mess? Jiffy Junk can make that happen. Call or go online to make an appointment with our carpet and junk removal pros.


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