Redo the Laundry Room: Old Washer and Dryer Pick Up

Redo the Laundry Room: Old Washer and Dryer Pick Up


Is the laundry room your least favorite area of your home? While it’s no secret that laundry is a tedious chore, it doesn’t help matters when your utility space is cluttered, inefficient, and unappealing. Giving your laundry room a face-lift can be a relatively quick and inexpensive way to make laundry a more enjoyable chore.


Redoing a Laundry Room on a Budget


If you’re like most people, the idea of spending a small fortune on your laundry room is difficult to swallow. Fortunately, it can be easy and inexpensive to get the Pinterest-inspired laundry space of your dreams without breaking the bank.

Look to cheap changes with the potential for big impact, like painting the walls and organizing the space. Upgrade shelving and storage containers to create a cleaner, more efficient space.

When you’re designing organization systems, be sure to think vertically. In most cases, laundry rooms tend to be smaller, with less floor space. This doesn’t mean you don’t have room for shelving systems, though. Take advantage of every square inch of wall space to install shelves, hanging hamper systems, and racks for cleaning supplies.

It also pays to take a look at the way your machines are situated in the room. Is there any way to reconfigure them? Purchasing newer, more energy-efficient machines will have an enormous impact on the room, and hauling away your old ones gives you the opportunity to view the space with a clear eye for how the new ones could be situated.

Once you’ve finished purging the laundry room, culling all the clutter keeping you from an organized space, it’s time to focus on old washer and dryer pick up, along with junk hauling.


Junk, Clutter and Old Washer and Dryer Pick Up


By the time you finish clearing away all the odds and ends from your laundry room, removing clutter and pulling junk, you may be surprised by the size of the pile you have on your hands. Pair this with the bulky, difficult-to-manage waste of old appliances, and haul-away is definitely a chore. Not only do you have to track down the right spot to drop them off, but you also have to do the heavy lifting.

If your machines are still functional, donation is a great option for disposal. Unfortunately, even most charity organizations won’t handle old washer and dryer pickup. You’ll still be responsible for transporting these large, heavy appliances to the appropriate location. If they’re not in working order, then you’re presented with an entirely new set of complications.

Don’t spend your valuable time seeking out the right spots to drop off an outdated washing machine or dryer. We service residential and business customers throughout the Nassau and Suffolk County areas. Our trained Jiffy Junk technicians will haul away all your unneeded items, dropping them off at donation centers or recycling facilities.  Your laundry room renovation project becomes much easier and more manageable when you don’t have to shoulder the burden of appliance disposal.

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