Remodeling Scrap, Furniture Removal and Appliance Disposal in Palm Beach County

Remodeling Scrap, Furniture Removal and Appliance Disposal in Palm Beach County


Once upon a time remodeling scrap, furniture removal and appliance waste disposal were incredibly simple for the residents of Palm Beach County. Unlike other areas of the country, where municipal bulk collection services were limited to once per month or even once per year, PBC haulers collected bulk waste twice per week. Changes in county ordinances in 2019 brought reductions to not only the number of bulk collection days each year, but also restrictions to the volume and type of items residents could dispose of in this manner.

Now, getting rid of the waste resulting from home improvement jobs, including unwanted furniture and appliances, is a much more involved task. It’s also important to consider the impact these changes have on your timeline, as chopping the availability of municipal bulk disposal days in half can wreak havoc on your ability to meet a deadline. It’s also wise to consider the impact your project has on the planet, as you may be surprised to find out where your castoff goods end up when it’s all said and done.

Whether you’re still in the planning stages for a major cleaning and organization project or you’re in the thick of it, waste management is essential. Few things can derail a project faster than a lack of planning for disposal, so it’s vital to have a basic understanding of all your options so you can make the choice that’s ideally suited to the unique needs of your project.


Why Construction Scrap, Furniture Removal and Appliance Waste Management Matter


When your home or place of business becomes a work site, it’s crucial to make sure all areas are as safe as possible. This means not only adhering to safe work practices, but also maintaining clear walkways and debris-free areas. When there’s no plan for waste management in place or you’re waiting for the municipal hauler to come around, debris piles up and presents a host of safety hazards. Clutter also impedes productivity and makes it increasingly difficult to stay on schedule.

Once per week, residential customers are permitted to place no more than three large items out for bulk collection. If you have more than three items to dispose of, you are able to contact the Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County for excess waste collection rates. It’s important to note that most items will likely end up being incinerated or dumped in the nearest landfill, except for items required by state, local and/or federal law. This process holds true even for items which are still in usable condition, including good-quality furniture and appliances.

Since municipal collection in Palm Beach County is handled curbside, you must also be able to wrangle large and ungainly pieces down to the curb yourself. This task isn’t easy when you’re trying to manage all the other items on your project to-do list. Making sure unwanted items end up in the right place can be handled by a trustworthy third-party; can the same be said for all the other tasks on your list? There are so many things you can’t outsource, but waste management is not among them. Working with a reliable professional can help you streamline a project for greater efficiency, less stress and better outcomes overall.

A far more sustainable and ethical option for usable furniture and household items is donation, but limited resources leave donation centers frequently incapable of offering pickup services. This means you’ll be responsible for not only all the heavy lifting, but also the transportation. If you don’t have access to a suitable vehicle, you’ll also be on the hook for the truck rental, insurance and administrative costs, not to mention fueling expenses.

Often, the most ethical and efficient option is also the most cost-effective: working with a dedicated private hauler that places a high importance on environmental best practices.


How Private Waste Management Helps You and the Environment


You don’t have time to make sure your timeline aligns with the one put in place by the Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County, and you don’t want to watch perfectly good items end up in a landfill. At Jiffy Junk, we understand the importance of not only full-service waste management you can count on, but also environmentally-sound disposal you can feel good about using. For this reason, we’ve built our business around providing the very best in white-glove hauling with a focus on earth-first sustainability.

When our trained and knowledgeable removal technicians come to your home or place of business to help you manage waste, we do all the heavy lifting and all the hard work. We remove heavy pieces of furniture from where they sit, uninstall appliances you’ve marked for disposal and even tear up old carpeting and padding. Furniture, household goods and similar items in usable condition are separated for transportation to local donation centers. We believe in keeping these items out of the landfill, but we also believe in keeping them in the community where they can be of help to those in need.

Everything else, we work to find the most sustainable disposal solution possible in order to minimize not only our own environmental impact, but also that of our clients. When it’s all said and done, you’re left with a clean conscience and an even cleaner space; we even sweep up any dust bunnies or lingering cobwebs on our way out the door. Your to-do list gets smaller, and your workload lighter.

Whether you’re working to clear away unwanted clutter before a big move, to reclaim livable space in your home or to do the hard work of closing a loved one’s estate, we’re here to help. We work with your schedule, whether you need a single appointment or ongoing collection for exceptionally large projects. Call us today to learn more about our white-glove service promise, and how Jiffy Junk can help you make quick work of even the largest and most overwhelming messes.

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