Remove My Junk, Please!

Remove My Junk, Please!


Clutter has a way of sneaking up on you. Whether it’s collections, assorted parts and hardware or mementos, the space around you shrinks as your belongings gather. As some of them may be gathering dust, you find yourself asking, “Who can I get to remove my junk?”

Junk removal can add valuable real estate that you forgot was there. It’s not uncommon for families to completely change the functionality of their living and working spaces once they’ve got the extra room this has gained them.


Why Use a Junk Removal Service?


The hardest part of the job for you should just be deciding what to get needs to go. Once you’ve made that decision, give us a call and let us take care of the rest.

We have the equipment and the expertise to make quick and safe work of the removal of your excess items.  Plus our White Glove Treatment ensures that we will leave only a clean space behind. You can spend your energy on putting it to better use, rather than struggling through the work of clearing it out yourself and cleaning up.

Another hidden benefit of hiring Jiffy Junk: When you don’t have to haul it all out yourself and go through the hassle of disposing of it all, you’re more inclined to get rid of more stuff! Why not add to the list of things that can go as long as someone else is doing the work for you, right?


Recycle or Donate


Jiffy Junk adheres to all New York disposal laws so you don’t have to. Instead of sorting, prepping and hauling your junk in accordance with local statutes, you can trust us to get it all sorted and hauled away for you. We will recycle goods responsibly, so that reusable materials can be reused and hazardous material will be disposed of properly.

Getting rid of your junk may also be an opportunity for someone else to enjoy it for a while. What we consider to be junk is often just surplus goods taking up space we need for something else. Those goods may be right at home in someone else’s home; Jiffy Junk will donate them on your behalf to save those goods and the environment.


Who Will Remove My Junk?


If you would like to expand your job to include, say, a clean out of your garage or shed, we will give you a quote for the whole works. Jiffy Junk also offers demolition service and concrete removal. If you need more room in the yard and want to get rid of your shed altogether, we’ll clean it out and tear it down.

No job is too big or small.  Our volume pricing rates assure you that you don’t pay more than you must for the work you need to get done. Contact us for a no-risk estimate on your particular job. Our courteous and experienced personnel will arrive on-schedule at a time convenient for you.

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