Who Takes Furniture Donation in Austin, Texas?

Who Takes Furniture Donation in Austin, Texas?


You no longer want or need certain pieces of furniture, but does it necessarily mean they have no useful life ahead of them? There are plenty of reasons why you might want to give chucking unwanted furniture out to the curb a second thought, not least of which is filling a need while providing yourself plenty of space. When it comes to options for furniture donation in Austin, Texas, there are a few from which you can choose.

Charitable Furniture Donation: Austin, Texas Style

Donating furniture specifically to charitable organizations in Austin isn’t your only option, but it may be the one you feel best about in the end. Provided the pieces you’re trying to dispose of are in relatively good repair with no serious damages, there is an array of Austin-area outreach organizations that accept used furniture.

Because of this wide selection, you’re able to find charities supporting people and causes you hold dear, meaning you’re able to actively make a difference in an area you feel is important, all while getting rid of things you no longer need.

In addition to the usual Goodwill and Salvation Army suspects, you’ll find organizations that work to support more specific groups. Homelessness support, children’s charities, organizations supporting cancer patients and those with terminal illnesses, even animal and humane organizations exist which accept furniture donation. Austin, Texas, may be rife with opportunities to donate furniture, but how do you actually get your items into the hands of people who need them and out of your house?

Why You Don’t Want to Haul Away Furniture Donations Yourself

There are plenty of charitable organizations in Austin, but many of them don’t offer pickup services. Among those that do, you’re still forced to sort carefully if you’re on a tight timeline, because you may need to schedule several days or weeks in advance.

What do you do when you need old furniture removed quickly and you’re committed to keeping it out of the landfill? You can haul it yourself, but the costs may be much higher than the tax deduction you can take for charitable giving.

If you don’t have access to a truck large enough to haul the furniture in question, you’ll need to borrow or rent one. Renting a truck means covering not only the rental costs, but also any administrative and insurance fees, fueling costs and any tolls or charges you encounter along the way. After you’ve forked out good money to give away belongings, you’ll also be responsible for managing all the heavy lifting.

Not everyone is capable of wrestling large pieces of furniture around corners and down stairs only to hoist it into the back of a truck, and friends always seem to be busy when there’s furniture to be moved. By the time you coordinate transportation and manual labor, you’ll likely discover you’ve invested far more actual cash, manual and emotional labor than you ever intended.

This is where you need a specialist in junk removal services. Not all junk haulers take what they’ve collected straight to the dump; some focus on recycling and furniture donation. Austin, Texas, is home to just such a company; Jiffy Junk.

What Do I Do with Furniture I Can’t Donate?

Of course, it’s always best to pass along things you no longer want to those in need, but what if your conscience won’t let you pass along a particularly heinous piece?

Mystery stains, odors and egregious damage happen, even in the most carefully maintained homes. Old furniture sees a lot of use, and sometimes these items just aren’t fit for donation. Even if it can’t be put to use, it still doesn’t have to go to the landfill. Take advantage of municipal waste management services, though, and that’s usually where it will end up when everything is said and done. Recycling centers that accept furniture are rare, and those that do exist typically only accept a very narrow scope of items. Rather than manage all the additional difficulty of recycling on this scale, some people will simply choose to toss furniture out by the curb and hope for the best.

You don’t have to let your conscience and your carbon footprint take a hit when you get rid of old furniture; you just have to look for more suitable alternatives. No matter what you have, from a single sofa to an entire house filled with furniture, Jiffy Junk is waiting to provide you the very best in white-glove hauling services. If it can’t be donated, we’ll seek out even the most obscure recycling initiatives to avoid landfill impact wherever possible. This means we provide services our clients can feel good about, and an old couch never has to be a source of guilt when you watch it roll away in a Jiffy Junk vehicle.

At Jiffy Junk, we’re dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact. This means picking up furniture already bound for the donation center of your choice or taking things you no longer want off your hands for donation on our own time. Our expert technicians are ready and willing to handle more than discarded furniture, too. Appliances, electronics, outgrown clothing and even construction or garden debris can be taken away from your property and out of your sight, all with a single phone call.

Don’t let the stress of moving old furniture, clearing an estate or managing a hoarding cleanup drive you to your wits’ end. Jiffy Junk provides residential and commercial clients alike the very best in full-service hauling and removal. We do all the heavy lifting, so leave the old furniture where it sits. When we’re finished, we’ll leave the room broom-clean and dust-free, ready for anything you have planned. Easy service, minimal environmental impact, maximum benefit to the local community and economy.

Whether you’re in the middle of a difficult situation or are planning an exciting change, we’re here to make the experience easier and less stressful.


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