Sofa Removal: Small Repair How-To’s for the Floor and Wall

Sofa Removal: Small Repair How-To’s for the Floor and Wall


When your sofa has been sitting in the same spot for months—or even years—it feels good to freshen up the space  by replacing it with a brand new one. However, when you finally remove the sofa and are about to put a new one in its place, don’t be surprised if the flooring underneath needs a little bit of TLC.


How to Remove Scratches from a Hardwood Floor


After a sofa removal it’s likely that if you have hardwood floors, they may look a little scuffed underneath from years of shifting and sliding (especially if you like to rearrange furniture ).

Don’t panic and think you need to get a completely new floor put in your living room. There are a variety of remedies you can  try to get that scuff out and  make your floor look brand new again. First, try getting a small towel wet and rubbing it on the scuff to see if it goes away.

If the scuff is stubborn, try taking a pencil eraser and going over the scuff and then subsequently wiping the eraser mark with a damp towel. You could also try rubbing a tennis ball over the scuff to see if that makes it disappear. If worse comes to worse and the scuff mark won’t come out, try using a special cleaning product that you can pick up at the hardware store that is specifically made for wood or laminate floors.


Remove Dents from the Carpet


If you had carpet underneath the sofa, it’s likely  there will be some dents where the legs of the couch were. These are completely fixable, so don’t think you’ll need to  replace the patch of carpet.

To fix, try putting ice cubes on top of the dents and waiting for them to melt. As the ice melts, it should bring up the height of the carpet fibers and voila! The dents should be  gone. Once the ice has done its job, you can  blot the water with a towel and  the carpet will be good as new.

For a quicker solution, try pouring a bit of water over the dent and then blow-drying it to give it some heat. Again, the water and the heat will make the carpet fibers rise and  the dent will disappear.

If the dents are still visible, try using a pet brush to brush the fibers out and up, which should get the dent to go away.


Remove Scuffs on the Wall


Moving a sofa can be difficult.  Maneuvering it around to get it to fit through doorways can sometimes mean that the wall gets scuffed in the process. This is easy to fix, however, with just a little bit of elbow grease.

Try removing the scuffs with a slightly damp Mr. Clean magic eraser. The scuffs should magically disappear before your eyes. A warning of caution before you begin: occasionally a magic eraser can strip the paint down on the wall so be sure  you have a little paint to touch up any areas as necessary.

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