Who Might Be Throwing Out a Mattress in NYC

Who Might Be Throwing Out a Mattress in NYC

Anyone could be someone in need of throwing out a mattress in NYC.

  • Individuals who need a new mattress: That saggy mattress is really wrecking your back. How many times have you flipped and rotated it? Most manufacturers agree that a quality mattress should be changed at least every 10 years. Now it’s time to treat yourself or your family member to a new mattress.
  • Home buyers: It’s not unusual to find a discarded mattress in a house when you purchased it.
  • Family members intervening for a loved one: When clearing out a hoarding situation for a family member, there are many items, including mattresses, to clear out before the healing of a disorder can begin.
  • People suffering loss: Unfortunately, you could also be facing the task of clearing an estate after a loved one has passed away.

In every one of these cases, getting rid of a mattress is not easy. When you have more than a mattress, which is true when clearing a hoarding situation or clearing an estate, it’s doubly tough. In those cases, there may be multiple mattresses to relocate or dispose of.

There are more things to consider when planning to dispose of any large home item, including mattresses. Waiting until the last minute in some circumstances can cause more problems and expense. Although considering the cheapest route sounds like a great strategy, you need to find out the facts and weigh the options before you understand the full cost of your removal plan regarding money, time, effort and responsibility. What exactly are your options?


Donating your discarded items is probably the first responsible option to consider, since used mattresses don’t usually sell well. Folks getting rid of mattresses usually do so to upgrade to better quality. Buyers who are willing to get a lower quality mattress and have money to purchase it, will typically opt for a new one, since there are many low-cost options for lower quality new mattresses available in the retail market. These consumers won’t look in the used items ads for a mattress; they’ll just go shopping. There’s a good chance they can have a new mattress delivered, as well.

Why consider donating if people want new mattresses? Not everyone has the money for a new one, and your old mattress, or especially an extra one that’s simply been stored before a clear out, could be a Godsend for a less fortunate family. Various charities will either provide used home items for free or at a very low cost to needy families. If your mattress has any life at all left in it, donating could be a great option. You might also be able to claim a tax deduction for your donation to a certified non-profit charity.

Unfortunately, mattresses are not a common item that charities such as the Salvation Army, Goodwill or the various Military-related charities are willing or able to pick up, though they do accept and appreciate donation drop-offs. This requires you to lug the mattress out of the home and transport with a large vehicle to the donation center. That might not be an easy or free option for you. Jiffy Junk is always up to date regarding the local charity organizations that will take your mattress. They’ll remove your mattress from your home and make sure it gets where it needs to go with one phone call. 

Recycling vs Trashing

If your mattress is just broken, too old for use or unappealing with stains or smell, donation is not an option. The temptation might be to put it on the curb, or to dump it somewhere to get rid of it. Even if the city is willing to take it, they usually charge an extra fee. Additionally, wouldn’t you rather keep that mattress out of your landfill? Of course, if you live in an apartment in NYC, dumping the mattress just anywhere is not very nice to your neighborhood and somebody will have to pay for that. Your landlord might not be too happy with having to pay a fee to remove it, and you can be fined if caught dumping out on a road or in an alley. In all those scenarios, you’d still have to haul the mattress out of the house, and probably use a truck afterward. Why do you want to do that?

Mattresses aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about recycling, but they are indeed a useful item to break down for the components. Specific recycling centers can remove the wood to make chips for many other products. Metal from springs are easily recycled and the foam and fabric fibers are used in composite clothing and floor covering products. Jiffy Junk not only knows exactly where to find those specific recycle centers but will pick up your mattress from the room it’s in and take it to the proper center for you. No research or heavy lifting required for you!

You might not know of a recycle center close to your pick-up spot, so you’d consider allowing the mattress to be tossed as trash. Instead of lugging that mattress (or mattresses) out of your home yourself, you can have our service quickly and affordably take them off your hands. If you don’t have a landlord, you’d have to pay a fee to the city for mattress disposal with your trash anyway, and it might be worth getting a second opinion of your choices. You won’t know what we can do with your junk until you contact us. Let us ease your mind by finding whatever options we can before deciding to trash anything in your home. Jiffy Junk is committed to taking the most environment-friendly actions to dispose of any of your junk, including mattresses.

More Than Just Throwing Out a Mattress in NYC

Outside of simply replacing a used mattress, many times when you need to get rid of one, you also have other items to dispose of.  When moving, uncluttering a hording home or clearing out an estate after losing a family member, chances are good that you have other appliances, furniture, or boxes of items to dispose of. Just like your mattress, our junk removal services can help you feel good about knowing we will make sure what can be donated will be, what can be recycled will be brought to the appropriate centers, and what must be trashed will be taken to a legal and appropriate disposal site. This makes letting us save you all the research, back-breaking work and effort to remove and haul your mattress and other junk a great option. Go online or call us to make your appointment today!


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