The Who’s Who of Rubbish Removal in Austin

The Who’s Who of Rubbish Removal in Austin


Keeping Austin weird may not be a tall order but keeping it clean can be. The city is also no stranger to big names, with celebrities and public figures purchasing property throughout the city. Redecorating, renovating and moving can all generate the need for rubbish removal; Austin power figures and everyday citizens alike both rely on private services for larger projects. 


Celebrity Renovations and Rubbish Removal: Austin Style


Legendary artists like Stevie Ray Vaughn, Janis Joplin and Willie Nelson have all called Austin home, but a new crop of stars has moved to and from the city in recent years. Whether they invested in high-end renovations like Lance Armstrong or plunked down a lot of cash for a palatial estate like Matthew McConaughey, they all needed rubbish removal. Here are a few of the big names who might rely on high-quality, private waste management in the Austin area.

Stone Cold Steve Austin– This legendary retired pro wrestler has deep roots in Austin; he was born in the city and made sure to show his hometown pride by making its name part of his famous stage moniker. Though he currently resides in California, it’s safe to say there were plenty of times this wrestling hero needed more help than Austin Resource Recovery can provide.

Drew Brees– No state loves a good quarterback more than Texas, and while Drew Brees now lives in New Orleans where he plays for the Saints, he started life in Austin. His Super Bowl ring probably hasn’t landed in any Austin trash piles, but his career did get its start at Westlake High.

Mack Brown– Before he returned to North Carolina in 2018, this beloved head coach spent the better part of two decades in Austin. He still holds the longest streak for seasons with 10+ wins in the entire country and, before he packed up for UNC, there’s a good chance he got rid of the things he no longer wanted or needed by relying on private waste removal.

Mark Calaway– Another pro wrestler, Mark Calaway is better known by his macabre stage name, “The Undertaker.” With 101 pay-per-view victories in the WWE, more than any other wrestler in the organization’s history, this Houston native now proudly calls Austin home. At just shy of seven feet tall, this king-sized Austinite probably requires extra-large furniture, which can be particularly difficult to dispose of efficiently. While his 309-pound frame is probably more than capable of chucking a king-sized couch to the curb, it’s safe to assume he relies on high-end local services to take care of his heavy lifting these days.

Ciara– With connections to the Atlanta music scene, Ciara may not be the first person you think of when you name celebrities from or residing in the Austin area. While she did relocate to Atlanta in her teens, this singer, songwriter, dancer, model and actress started life in Austin.

Mike Judge– If you’ve watched cartoons created for the adult demographic, you know Mike Judge as the creator of animated hits like King of the Hilland Beavis and Butt-Head. Thriving on cult followings, films like Idiocracyand OfficeSpacemake him a favorite among live-action film buffs, as well. Maintaining residences in both Santa Monica, California and Austin, this part-time resident is also an award-winning legend in television and film.

Renee Zellweger– Before she was an Academy Award winner or beloved around the world for her turn in Jerry McGuire, Renee Zellweger was a University of Texas at Austin student. Her first main role in a feature film was an installment in the iconic Texas Chainsaw Massacrefranchise, and she even volunteered at Austin Pets Alive in 2017.

David Draiman– The vocalist for the metal band Disturbed, David Draiman made his way from Chicago to Austin in 2012, where he snapped up a luxurious home to take advantage of lower taxes and one of the nation’s best school districts. He put his castle-esque home back on the market five years later, but during that time, it’s a good bet his 8,269 square-foot home generated some equally impressive bulk waste.

Lance Armstrong– Though he eventually placed his Mediterranean-style 1920s home on the market, this lauded bicycle legend lived in Old Enfield in a heavily updated and professionally decorated home. The extensive renovations and updated touches certainly generated a lot of work for local contractors and likely a lot of construction and demolition waste along the way.


Where to Find A-List of Rubbish Removal Services in Austin


A hotbed of arts and culture, Austin is also a city dedicated to sustainable living. When Austin Resource Recovery services aren’t quite expansive enough to suit your needs, you still want to make sure as much of your waste as possible is diverted away from landfills.

At Jiffy Junk, we pass on a lighter environmental footprint to our customers by diligently working to minimize landfill activity. We’ll come to your home or place of business to remove any and all waste, but we don’t take it straight to the dump. Our trained and experienced staff separates everything we remove, taking usable items to area donation centers and everything else to recycling centers. We’ll even seek out special recycling programs to further reduce landfill use.

Our white-glove service promise also means we’ll remove large and small items alike from where they sit; you never have to do the heavy lifting or the hard work of uninstalling appliances. We’ll even leave your space broom-clean and free of dust on our way out the door, so your residential or commercial space is ready for whatever comes next. From moving and down-sizing to full remodels, there’s no waste removal project too large or too small for Jiffy Junk.

We treat all our customers like A-list celebrities, working hard to make sure you have a stress-free experience when it’s time to take care of big jobs. From estate management to hoarding cleanups and everything in between, Jiffy Junk has you covered.

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