Trash Hauling When You Don’t Have a Truck

Trash Hauling When You Don’t Have a Truck


If you’ve got some hauling to do and don’t have a truck of your own to do the job, there are a few things you’ll want to consider to simplify your life. For starters, you should have a reasonably good idea of the size of the job. That is, what kind of volume of debris will be involved, how large a vehicle/container will be needed to haul it off, and whether multiple trips will be necessary.

Once you know what it will take, now you can focus on where to get it. Your options are to either rent, borrow or hire a vehicle/crew.. Truck rental rates vary according to the size of the vehicle, mileage and/or duration of the rental.


Mind the Local Regulations


Check with the appropriate disposal or recycling center about any restrictions that may apply. Some municipalities limit the size of the loads they will accept. For instance, a pickup truck may not have any items extending beyond the height of the cab, and may need to have a cap rather than an open bed. Some may not permit commercial vehicles. Trailers may be subject to surcharges. You’ll need to do some homework to figure out where you can haul your trash and what it will cost you to get the job done.

Also, the types of material involved in your project may have special handling restrictions that must be adhered to. Tires, batteries and paints, for instance, must be disposed of in accordance with EPA guidelines, and hazardous materials are usually restricted.

To properly dispose of a trash haul containing an assortment of materials, it may be necessary to haul them to separate sites in some areas. You should contact your local health department or the relevant recycling center to find out where your trash needs to be taken for proper disposal or recycling.


Easy Trash Hauling


At Jiffy Junk, we know that coordinating a project like this can turn out to be a major headache. There are a lot of hurdles you have to clear that most people don’t know about until they’ve invested valuable time and money.

We feel your frustration. Junk is our business, so it’s our business to know the ropes and the rules. We offer a competitively priced disposal service to our Long Island neighbors that cuts through all the red tape for you.

Jiffy Junk will recycle, donate or dispose of all of your items responsibly. We know, and abide by, all of the applicable laws throughout Nassau, Suffolk and Queens.

You can call a truck rental, an assortment of recycling centers or disposal sites and a handful of friends to help you. Or you can make one call, to the one company that will handle it all for you with courtesy and efficiency.

Call Jiffy Junk today for fast, affordable removal of your items and debris on Long Island and in Queens.


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