Weighing the True Costs of Rubbish Removal Prices in Austin

Weighing the True Costs of Rubbish Removal Prices in Austin


When you have more to get rid of than you can fit into a weekly pickup bin, figuring out where to dispose of large items and how to balance the hidden costs associated with rubbish removal prices can feel like a steep challenge, indeed. This especially holds true when you’re working on a tight deadline, as municipal bulk pickup services in Austin are limited to twice per year. 

Understanding all your options and their true costs can help you to make the most informed choice best suited to your unique needs. Sometimes, what seems like the least expensive option at first blush can come with so many hidden costs it ends up being the most expensive and least efficient, and sometimes the option you least expect can prove to be the most economical. When it comes to large-scale disposal, it’s always a good idea to thoroughly examine not only all of your options, but also all that those options entail.


Rubbish Removal: Prices, Options and Things to Consider


When you’re ready to get rid of large items, municipal waste collection is likely your first thought. While Austin Resource Recovery does provide bulk item collection, these special collections take place twice per calendar year and are limited in scope. Mirrors, sheet glass, construction and remodeling debris, brush and lawn waste, household trash, cardboard boxes, hazardous materials, automotive chassis and bodies, trailers, motorcycles, boats and tires still mounted on rims are not accepted. Nor are truck or tractor tires. Crews will collect:

  1. Nail-free lumber
  2. Doors
  3. Rolled fencing
  4. Carpet
  5. Pallets
  6. Furniture
  7. Railroad ties (cut in half)
  8. Appliances (with doors removed)
  9. Lawn mowers (with gas and oil removed)
  10. Passenger car tires (rims removed, limit of eight tires per household)

These items must be sorted into three separate piles: metal, non-metal, and tires. Appliances should be included with metal items, which will be taken to local recycling centers. Despite strong initiatives and community programs designed to help the City of Austin reach a Zero Waste goal, all non-metal items with the exception of tires will be taken to a landfill for disposal. This includes furniture and other items still in usable condition.

All piles must be situated at least five feet from trash carts, water meters and telephone connection boxes, fences or walls and parked cars. Items may also not be collected if they are placed under low-hanging power lines or tree branches. In the end, the environmental costs paired with the inconvenience of being forced to wait for two weeks per year when you have access to municipal collection may simply be too costly, all things considered.

When you’re on a deadline and don’t have the luxury of working around a municipal schedule, it may seem appealing to simply load up the things you no longer want or need to haul them away yourself. Even if you have access to a vehicle of suitable size, however, this can be a path fraught with hidden obstacles and costs. By the time you make multiple trips to a variety of locations, incurring fueling costs and any processing fees at recycling centers along the way, then factor in the cost of your own manual labor and invested time, it can be a very expensive project indeed. Add the expense of truck rental, insurance and administrative fees, and you could end up spending far more than you initially expected only to find yourself taking hours or days away from the aspects of your major cleaning, organizing or moving projects only you can manage just to deal with waste.

This is where many Austin residents find it more economical, ethical and environmentally friendly to work with a private service provider who specializes in greener disposal.


Rubbish Removal Prices and Principles You Can Live With


When you’re just as dedicated to the health of the planet as you are to the cleanliness and orderliness of your space, you need a private waste management provider that places just as high an importance on environmental ethics. At Jiffy Junk, our entire business model is built around providing the very best in full-service, white-glove removal via the greenest, most ethical routes available.

Our extensively trained and experienced removal technicians will come to your home or place of business to remove all of the things you want to get rid of, regardless of their condition. Anything suitable for use, we’ll set aside for delivery at local donation centers to ensure it stays in the community where it can be of use to those in need and out of landfills. Everything else, we work hard to find sustainable disposal solutions that do not include landfill dumping whenever possible. By working hard to minimize our own environmental impact, we’re able to pass along a smaller footprint and a clearer conscience to all of our valued clients throughout Austin.

Because we are a truly white-glove removal solution, you never have to worry about doing the hard work of wrestling heavy, ungainly and often dangerous items down to the curb to await pickup. We’ll come into your space to remove things from where they sit, even tearing up the old carpeting you plan to dispose of and uninstalling appliances you no longer want or need as part of our full-service promise. When we’re done, we’ll leave your space broom-clean and free of dust bunnies so you’re able to focus on whatever comes next for your space. Whether you’re in the middle of a big move, remodeling your home, doing the hard work of closing a loved one’s estate, or anything in between, Jiffy Junk is here to provide prompt, friendly and ethical help so you can focus all your energy on the tasks only you can manage.

Don’t let a big waste pile derail your entire project. With Jiffy Junk, you’re able to make quick work of even the largest jobs. Call us today and learn how we can help you turn an overwhelming disposal job into something you can manage with a single phone call or email.

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