Weighing the True Costs Behind Rubbish Removal Quotes in Broward County

Weighing the True Costs Behind Rubbish Removal Quotes in Broward County


When you have a towering waste pile and a rapidly approaching deadline, finding large-scale waste management can feel like an any-port-in-a-storm situation. The truth is, there’s more lurking behind rock-bottom rubbish removal quotes than you might realize. Your organization or clean-out project can have far-reaching implications for the environment, the community as a whole and your peace of mind.

Before you settle on the first disposal option you find, it’s wise to take a bit of time to explore high-volume disposal a bit further so you can make an informed decision. Even when time really is money, knowing what to expect and having the ability to prevent any unpleasant surprises is a sound investment.


Beyond Rubbish Removal Quotes: What You Should Consider Before Choosing


When it comes to options for large-volume waste disposal, options available to Broward County residents fall into three broad categories: municipal services, private hauling or do-it-yourself removal.

Municipal bulk disposal is available once per month to residents of unincorporated Broward County, on a schedule set by the Solid Waste and Recycling Services of Broward County. If you’re working on a project with a self-imposed deadline, scheduling may not be a concern. If your project is of the more time-sensitive variety, though, this may be less than ideal.

When working with municipal haulers, you will be forced to bend your entire project timeline around the one day of the month when they’ll come to remove unwanted bulky items. They don’t accept all types of waste, however, and you could find yourself in a bind when collection day comes and goes, and you still have waste they wouldn’t accept. If you’re already short on time and you still have construction and demolition waste, for instance, you’ll still have to scramble to secure disposal for that debris separately.

Municipal haulers will also not accept any materials or waste generated by commercial operations, even a private landscaping or lawn care service. They will, however, accept furniture, appliances, non-commercial lawn waste, rolled fencing, lumber and metal poles. Most of these items are not recycled or donated except the items required by state or federal law. A sofa set out for collection in perfectly usable condition will be taken to the nearest landfill, not the nearest donation center. The environmental impact of working with municipal haulers is significant.

There’s also the impact on your body to consider. All items, even the heaviest and most difficult to maneuver, must be dragged down to the curb before 7AM on your scheduled collection day. If heavy lifting is a struggle, you’re on your own with municipal services.

Doing it yourself can be a tempting alternative to jumping through hoops with municipal rules and regulations, but it can quickly become expensive and overwhelming even if you do have access to a vehicle suitable for hauling large waste. Without access to a truck, you’ll be responsible for rental, administrative and insurance fees, not to mention fueling costs and any expenses incurred at recycling or disposal centers. Add in the manual labor, the time you’ll have to divert away from the parts of your project no one else can manage in order to handle waste, the risk of injury and the aggravation of trash detail and the true costs of DIY hauling become apparent.

This is where private hauling can be a lifesaver. Working with a professional waste management provider who understands not only the importance of your project but also the urgency of protecting the environment can change everything about your experience.


Ethical, Responsible and Stress-Free Bulk Disposal


Getting rid of large items doesn’t have to be a miserable experience, whether you’re dealing with a single room of unwanted furniture or an entire houseful. Our extensively trained and knowledgeable Jiffy Junk removal technicians can help you get rid of a lone sofa or do the hard work of hoarding mitigation. There truly is no job too large or too small for our professionals, or for our Earth-first focus on ethical disposal.

We believe in doing our part to preserve the planet for future generations, and in doing what’s right for the community. When we come to your home or place of business to remove unwanted items, we separate anything in usable condition for transport to local donation centers. This allows us to keep those items out of landfills and in the community where they can be of help to our neighbors in need. For everything else, we seek out sustainable disposal solutions which do not include the landfill if possible. Our focus on greener removal lets us pass a minimized environmental impact along to our clients, which means you can enjoy a conscience as clean as your space.

There’s never a need to risk injury or wear yourself out wrestling with heavy items, either. We will remove bulky furniture from where it sits and uninstall unwanted appliances before transporting them to a recycling center. Our removal experts will even tear up old carpeting and padding you plan to get rid of, so you don’t have to worry about that either. While we’re handling the items you don’t want or need, you can focus your energy on all the items on your to-do list that only you can manage enabling you to make better, more efficient use of your time while also knowing you’re making better, more efficient use of resources.

Bulk disposal doesn’t have to be bad for your state of mind or bad for the planet. Call Jiffy Junk today for rubbish removal quotes and to learn more about our full service, white glove hauling offerings. We’ll leave your space swept clean and free of dust or debris so you’re truly ready for whatever’s coming next. No stress and no need to reorder your life to fit the municipal hauling schedule. With a single phone call, you get greener, more sustainable disposal on your terms in Broward County.


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