What Can Scrap Metal Haulers Haul Away

What Can Scrap Metal Haulers Haul Away


It’s trash day! The one day each week when you say goodbye to the things you no longer need, but sometimes the things you no longer need don’t fit in the trash bin on your curb. Sometimes the one thing you need to get rid of is the one thing that doesn’t fit inside a tidy box for pick up. Sometimes you just may need to enlist the services of scrap metal haulers.

Many often think scrap metal is limited to very large sheets of old metal and while that is included under the umbrella of scrap metal, there’s much more that fits in their trucks than that. Chances are, if something is made of metal and it is no longer needed, it qualifies as scrap metal and can be recycled.




Once a fence gives in to age and gives up the task of keeping something in or out, it often needs to be replaced entirely. It’s not uncommon to use metal for fencing, such as wrought iron. When the time comes to retire or replace it, have it picked up and hauled off. Instead of having twisted metal in a heap on your lawn, recycle it.




Older canoes were often made using aluminum and, unfortunately, don’t last forever. Much like other aluminum items, cans or storm windows or hubcaps, canoes will ultimately give in to the pressure of constant use over the years. When they do, it is time to send them off to be recycled.




Believe it or not, old vehicles are eligible for recycling too, much like their seaworthy cousins of transportation the canoe. Steel is, more often than not, the more popular of metals that hauling services are asked to remove.

Vehicles that have been sitting idle for an extended period of time and no longer operate clearly won’t fit in your trash bin curbside. Local garbage trucks have little to no recourse in disposing of something that large, but there are others that do.

Other common items made of steel are flag poles and roofing from storage sheds. Don’t worry about how you’re going to haul these away or where to, when you can hire professionals to do it for you.




Copper pipes and wiring are considered scrap metal and can be recycled as such. Oftentimes, during building demolitions, if a demolition company is contacted in the initial stages they will assist in removing not only any copper on site but also the rest of the demolition materials. Demoing and transporting these items can be extremely time-consuming in a deconstruction environment, so why not focus on other tasks while these items are handled for you?


Avoid the Hassle with Hauling Services from Jiffy Junk


Perhaps the greatest benefit of metal is, regardless of type, iron or aluminum or steel or copper or others, that it can be recycled. Metals don’t need to be considered a hassle when there is the option of having someone remove it for you and you don’t even have to wait until trash day to do it!

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