What to Do When NYC Garbage Collection Isn’t Enough

What to Do When NYC Garbage Collection Isn’t Enough


New York City is famous for being New York City. It’s the city that never sleeps. Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx…each with their own distinct flavor that adds to the vibe of the city. It’s proven to be a favored place to live, with the population sitting at an estimated 8.5 million.

With that kind of popularity, it’s no wonder that the city’s resources get strained. The Department of Sanitation (DOS) and NYC have been battling garbage issues for years and it seems as if they’re going to be battling it for years more. The issue lingers without a real resolution in sight.


Not Just an Eyesore


Garbage looks bad, but it smells even worst and it’s also a breeding ground for rats and cockroaches. The elements only accelerate the process of decay, so the longer is sits there, the more it becomes a hazard to both health and safety.


Identifying the Problem


One of the main issues with NYC garbage collection is that they can’t keep up. Year over year, the DOS has spent more and more to remove rubbish and sweep the streets without coming to a solution.

A passage in the February 6, 2017, New York Times states:

Even with all the extra cleaning, trash continues to accumulate in corners of the city. In Lower Manhattan, trash bags are stacked up to 10 feet high in front of shiny new residential towers, blocking narrow sidewalks and attracting rats.


Moving Violations


Something that is contributing to the problem is traffic. Drivers who received violations for not moving their cars on street-sweeping day was upward of 250,000. If DOS employees can’t get to the curb, all of the debris from stray or overturned trash stays there.


Bulky Trash Items


The most common kind of trash left on the curb for the longest amount of time is bulk trash. Those are items that don’t fit in your bin, like furniture and appliances, including couches, mattresses, washers, dryers and similar items. They stay out on the curb longer because the garbage trucks don’t have enough room for them after the garbage is collected.


Looking Outside the Box


If it’s difficult to get everyday trash picked up, it gets even messier if you have an appliance break down or get a new mattress. What about having to clear out property, like an estate, or removing something that has become a safety issue, such as a broken piece of furniture? How long will that be curbside and who’s taking it there?

That would be the time to call a pick-up service and be a part of the solution.


Resolving NYC Garbage Collection Issues


Introducing Jiffy Junk. Not only do we haul it all away, but we come in and get it, too. That includes all those bulky trash items, as well. We also donate anything in good condition and recycle in accordance with the law. We’re a highly-rated, licensed and insured junk disposal company that does the heavy lifting for you.


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