What to Expect from the Best Junk Removal Service in Austin TX

What to Expect from the Best Junk Removal Service in Austin TX


Austin Resource Recovery makes it easy to get rid of your weekly household waste, but where do you turn when you’ve got more to handle than will fit into the curbside bin? Find out when you can rely on municipal collection programs and when you might want to start looking for the best junk removal service in Austin, TX.


Understanding the Limitations of Austin Municipal Waste Management


With a selection of services intended to turn waste into usable resources, Austin Resource Recovery is working hard to reach a Zero Waste goal by 2040. Keeping Austin clean while mitigating the environmental effects of waste management is no small feat, so it may not come as a surprise that ARR services are limited in some areas.

While some cities provide bulk pickup by appointment as needed and others offer collection for large items on a monthly basis, Austin Resource Recovery only accepts bulk items twice per year. This may be more than enough for residents looking to complete small, non-urgent projects, but it can present a very real challenge if you’re working on a large project or are under time constraints.

It’s also important to note that items collected through bulk pickup may find their way to a landfill, despite lofty Zero Waste goals. With the exception of tires and metal items, waste collected as part of the bulk pickup program is not recycled. Items cannot be placed inside any type of container and must be five feet away from:

  • trash carts
  • mailboxes
  • fences or walls
  • water meters
  • telephone connection boxes
  • parked cars

Items must be set out at the curb for collection by 6:30am on the first day of a scheduled bulk collection week, separated into appropriate piles and kept clear from low-hanging tree limbs or power lines. Bulk items cannot be placed in alleyways, in front of a vacant lot, or in front of a business.

By the time you haul items down to the curb and ensure your three piles are separated appropriately but not in close proximity to mailboxes and water meters, you may find yourself wondering if all the heavy lifting and stress was worth the reward. It’s also important to note that different trucks collect different types of bulk items, so you may find yourself looking at an eyesore of a junk pile in front of your home for days before it’s actually removed. 

What if you don’t have time to wait for a twice-yearly appointment with Austin Resource Recovery? There are plenty of times when a need for junk removal is truly urgent, like:

  • Moving – Whether you’re a renter working towards the return of your security deposit or you’ve sold your home and are vacating it to make room for new owners, moving is hard work. Junk piles can grow quickly when you find items you’d rather discard than pack, but who has time to separate items for donation and recycling when they’re in the middle of a move?
  • Hoarding Mitigation – A hoarding compulsion can be overwhelming for not just the person living with it, but also family, friends and even neighbors. Hoarding mitigation is an urgent and sensitive matter, something which often includes such a high volume of waste it simply must be managed by professionals.
  • Estate Management – It’s never easy to close the estate of a loved one, but homes must be emptied of personal effects before they’re turned over to the next occupants. If you’re already doing the emotional labor required to manage an estate, handling the manual labor and the coordination with city services shouldn’t be left on your list of responsibilities.
  • Renovation and Remodeling – Austin Resource Recovery doesn’t accept construction and remodeling debris, with the exception of nail-free lumber and rolled fencing. Debris can pile up quickly on a worksite, and it can present a very real safety hazard. Keeping work areas clean, clear and free of debris is an essential part of managing any home improvement project, something you simply can’t do through the assistance of Austin Resource Recovery alone.

What if there were a quicker, easier, more efficient and more ethical way? 


Finding the Best Junk Removal Service in Austin TX


At Jiffy Junk, we know you have options when it comes to getting rid of nontraditional waste. We also know your time and money are valuable, so we make a point of offering the very best junk removal service in Austin, TX. Our techs will come to your home or place of business to remove just about anything you no longer want or need, but we don’t just collect items from the curb.

Our experienced collection technicians do more than throw your unwanted items on a truck bound for the nearest landfill. As part of our full-service promise, we remove items from where they sit, no need for you to move them down to the curb. We’ll remove heavy pieces of furniture, manage construction debris and lawn cleanup with ease. We’ll also uninstall unwanted appliances and even tear out old carpeting for disposal.

Jiffy Junk is built around providing excellent customer service, but we also believe strongly in doing what’s right for the planet and future generations. When we remove items from residential, commercial or industrial spaces, we look for ways to keep them out of the landfill. This means we separate items as they’re removed, sending those which are still in usable condition to local charitable donation centers. This not only keeps your unwanted furniture, household items and old clothing out of a landfill; it keeps those items in the community, where they can provide assistance for those in need.

Anything we can’t send to donation centers, we work to find recycling solutions for in a bid to avoid the landfill whenever possible. We even seek out recycling solutions and facilities that are overlooked by municipal collection services, so you can enjoy your clean, organized space with an equally clean conscience.


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