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Furniture Removal vs. Donation – Which Option Is Better?

April 26, 2021.

furniture removal


If you feel guilty sentencing your furniture to a life of decay and destruction in a landfill, click here to find out your options. When it comes to furniture removal, you have so much more options than simply junking your stuff away. Since your local community is always in need of donations, call us at Jiffy Junk so we can give your old furniture to someone in need. With our help, we can give your precious belongings a second life. Furthermore, you will feel good knowing you’ve helped someone. 

After all, there will truly come a day when your furniture pieces have officially overstayed in your home. When these non-trendy pieces have worn out their welcome, tossing them to the curb with a free sign may come to mind. Sadly, this is not the best option because your neighbors will resent this massive eyesore. It can stay stuck there for days even if it’s free. 

If you leave it with your general trash, your sanitation company may not get it because it’s too bulky. Besides, if it does get picked up, it will most likely rot in the landfill. Thus, if you’re decorating or thinking of upgrading, choosing between furniture removal or donation may just be on your mind. Should you be weighing which of the two to pick, continue reading to see what’s the best option. 

The Option That Makes Your Life Easy

When it comes to these two, both furniture removal and donation actually have the same goals. At Jiffy Junk, we don’t throw away furniture if they have a lot of life left in them. We also worry about the state of landfills. Hence, we give out furniture pieces to our affiliate charities. With this method, we know that your rejected things will be used by people who are struggling to make ends meet. 

Our team follows safe environmental protocols, so our Jiffy Junk team doesn’t randomly throw things. After we pick up your stuff, we evaluate how it can be reused, re-purposed, or recycled. As much as possible, we do everything in our power to avoid sending needlessly to a landfill because that’s just a big waste. We value the planet, so we want to be good stewards of the earth. Furthermore, we place huge importance on the community who have also supported us and placed us in this position as a leader in this unique niche. Apart from furniture, we donate many things like:

  • Books
  • Clothing
  • Old sports gear
  • Exercise equipment
  • Bikes 
  • Electronic appliances
  • Mattress 
  • Old carpet and rugs

The list actually goes on because the community always searches for donations. A lot of people actually need help, so using our furniture removal method means your items will get donated properly. Besides, our Jiffy Junk process is so much simpler than you donating it yourself. Though we may charge a minimal fee for the furniture retrieval, you will save your gas, time, and effort in looking for a charity that is willing to accept your furniture. 


furniture removal

The Benefits of Professional Furniture Retrieval and Removal

Moving big pieces of furniture is no mean feat. The last thing you need is a pulled spine because of attempting to move your bulky pieces! If you are finally willing to let go of old furniture that doesn’t add value to your home, you will reap multiple benefits. It is a gift that keeps on giving because you will make life easier for those who need them. Consider the following benefits of using a furniture removal service to donate your items.

  1. Avoid unnecessary injuries 

When you call us at Jiffy Junk for furniture and junk removal, we have the equipment to handle bulky and heavy items. We have pulleys and other motorized equipment to take out anything from your home. If you want to discard a heavy, hardwood armoire or an old grand piano, our team can do it in a jiffy. We live up to our name to do things for you, so you can relax. Besides, our professional crewmen are trained in the art of lifting, so they know what to do without throwing out their backs. With our premium service, you can avoid injuries. We take the furniture out of your house and donate them for you. Consequently, you can preserve your strength and energy. 

  1. Save lots of time

Time equates to money. When you don’t know what to do with bulky furniture pieces, you end up feeling frustrated. As a result, you end up wasting a lot of time attempting to move your stuff. However, if you leave the work for our team to handle, we can streamline the process for you. We have been doing this for years, so we are super-efficient. Our crew has systems in place to speed up the process. You may be even surprised that we’re in and out of your home in a flash. We live up to our brand name and do things in a jiffy. 

  1. Take advantage of an appropriate vehicle

If you try to do the donation yourself, you will not only have a hard time carrying the items down; you may even have issues because your vehicle is too small. As a result, you end up wasting gas and make several trips to successfully donate all your furniture. However, with our furniture removal services, we have giant trucks where everything can fit. Even if you do a whole home renovation, we can accommodate your things. Just give us a call to help you remove those items. We’ll assess what kind of truck you need and how many crewmen. From there, we can schedule the pickup and donate everything after. 

  1. Save on your taxes

If you want to save money this tax season, just keep your receipts. We will indicate that we have donated your items. You will find that donating your household items becomes an excellent way to cut down on your tax returns this April. Be sure to keep the itemized list of donated furniture along with their current market cash value. You can even take a photo of each item to keep track of what you have donated. It will make it easy for you to organize your donation receipts later on. 

  1. Create a comfy and calm space

With our furniture removal services, we can also help offload some of the other items you’ve hoarded. Our professionals will help you cart off the junk. You can rent a dumpster for easy sorting at your own pace. You can also try our full-scale service so we can help you with the sorting. This is a service that donating on your own cannot give you. When you take out unnecessary items in your home, you can morph your messy abode into a more calm environment for everyone to enjoy. Many studies actually indicate that clearing your space will increase your happiness. Go ahead and embrace the art of minimalism by creating an organized space for yourself and your loved ones. 

  1. Feel motivated to clean and maintain your house

A cluttered space equates to a cluttered mind. When you finally free up your home with our furniture removal and junk hauling services, you will be more motivated to clean regularly. After all, you are getting a fresh start with less junk and more clean space. As a result, you feel inspired to set up a cleaning routine to keep your home spic and span. After purging unused furniture and things, it becomes easier to find everyday items because you no longer trip over clutter. 

  1. Disregard paying for storage space

When you decide to go with furniture removal, you can finally let go of the storage unit you’ve been renting or thinking of renting to accommodate all your stuff. Though these self-storage units come with affordable price rates, the cost will compound over time. It is not cost-efficient to rent these spaces for long-term use. If you go with professional help, we can help you clean this storage space. However, if you decide to donate everything on your own, all the burden will be left for you to bear alone. 

  1. Enjoy a cheaper move 

If you are moving to a new house and want to donate all your furniture, calling our team for help is the better option. We come with our crew and trucks to ensure a seamless transition. As a result, you will enjoy a cheaper move. Remember, the more stuff you haul, the more expensive the costs will be. After all, the price of a long-distance move is actually based on the weight of your items. Similarly, the price of a local move works with an hourly rate. The more things you have, the more time and money it will take. If you seek our furniture removal and junk hauling services, you cut back on the price of the move and the time to get it done. 

  1. Assure you don’t annoy your neighbors

Leaving your unwanted furniture in your driveway with a free sign will annoy your neighbors, especially if you live in a high-end area. These days, no one dares to pick up free stuff because we live in a more dangerous world. If you want a surefire way for those furniture pieces to be put to good use, call our Jiffy Junk team for swift furniture removal. 

  1. Help people in need

Finally, we save the best for last. Furniture retrieval and removal services also donate your belongings to a good cause. Thus, you help others in need. Apart from furniture, you can also offload many other things, from toys to seasonal apparel. We also do commercial cleanouts if you feel like decluttering and donating stuff from your business. Take note of the places in our community that is always seeking donated items, especially furniture:

  • Churches
  • Hospitals
  • Animal shelters
  • Police departments
  • Public daycare centers
  • Charity or non-profits
  • Schools 

furniture removal

What Not to Do When Letting Go of Furniture

Whether you’re an expert or a newbie in letting go of stuff, here are some helpful tips. Do avoid these practices when you’re discarding furniture for donation. 

  1. Don’t give dirty and broken pieces

This should go without saying but broken, and dirty furniture are a no. Put yourself in the shoes of the recipient. You won’t feel thrilled over something that’s excessively used. Better yet, fix minor issues and do a quick clean before calling for professional removal. It may be quick fixes, but it makes a huge difference for the receiver. 

  1. Don’t forget to keep records

Donating helps you get a tax break, so be sure to keep receipts. Take note of the donated item, its value, and the charity. Keep the receipt to help you out during tax season.

  1. Don’t make blind decisions

To get the most out of your donation experience, you must have a full grasp of your options. Instead of doing the legwork yourself, some charities in your local area do pick up donations. This saves you a trip. However, big pieces work better with furniture removal. The team will go to your location and pick the things up for you, assuring utmost convenience. 

  1. Don’t commit lifting mistakes

Donating old furniture and junk involves lifting heavy items. Ensure your act of kindness doesn’t land you in the ER. Use proper form when lifting and moving things. Better yet, hire a junk removal specialist like our team at Jiffy Junk. We have moving gear like pulleys, dollies, and straps to make everything a breeze. 

  1. Don’t limit yourself

The list of what you can let go of is immense. You can donate old furniture and many unwanted household items like TVs, computers, sports equipment, etc. Research your options so you can get rid of everything and pass it on to people who need it. 

Final Wrap Up

As you can see, many people will benefit from your donated things. However, donating is not always easy because you don’t have the manpower, vehicle, and equipment to do so. Thankfully, working with our Jiffy Junk team assures you can avoid those pitfalls. As a result, you keep your donation experience super comfy and stress-free. With our help, you can rest easy knowing all your donated items will go to the right people in need. Call us for donation help so you can get rid of unwanted items without sacrificing your sanity, spine, and savings in the process. 

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