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Why We Need Bulk Garbage Pick Up in Washington DC

March 8, 2019.

A look around is all it takes to realize how badly needed bulk garbage pickup in DC really is. When the streets are clogged with waste in the wake of a government shutdown, cleaning up Washington DC both figuratively and literally are pressing concerns.

Reliable Bulk Garbage Pick Up in Washington DC

The need for bulk disposal usually means you’re in the middle of a reasonably large project, and those projects usually come with deadlines. Whether you’re racing to beat the clock or working hard towards a self-imposed deadline, you can’t let uncertainty derail your progress. You need to know your waste removal methods are not only dependable but also ecologically responsible and shutdown-proof.

On the municipal front, DC Department of Public Works will collect bulk items by appointment, as long as you live in an area which already receives DPW household waste pick up. Up to seven items may be placed out at one time, but it is recommended you call as early as possible, as appointments may be booked up to 10 to 14 days after your initial call. If you’re on a tight schedule, two weeks may be longer than you can afford to wait. Acceptable items include:

  • Air conditioners with all fluids removed
  • Household furniture
  • Water heaters
  • Large toys (disassembled swing sets, playhouses, wading pools)
  • Major appliances (doors must be removed from refrigerators)
  • Mattresses and box springs (must be wrapped in plastic)
  • Bed frames
  • Rugs (must be rolled and tied)

It’s also important to note that this service is only extended to single-family households and residential buildings with no more than three units. People living in apartment buildings, condos and co-ops are left with one option for bulk garbage pick up in DC: private haulers.

The Perks of Private Bulk Garbage Pick Up in DC

At first blush, working with a private hauler may seem extravagant. For customers living in multi-family dwellings, however, it’s the only option unless you want to haul away large items yourself. There is a drop-off station that accepts some items, though not all, but you’ll have to assume responsibility for transportation. If you don’t own or have access to a large-enough vehicle, you’ll incur the costs of truck rental, insurance and administrative fees immediately. Along the way, you’ll also be responsible for all fueling and toll costs, as well as the added expense of spending valuable time managing waste when you could be managing your project. 

To further complicate matters, getting rid of more than one large item often means making trips to more than one destination. You’ll need to drop off usable goods at a donation center tied to a charitable organization, then ensure all recyclable items end up at the appropriate recycling station. The landfill should be your last and lightest trip, but to get there, you’ll need to first make several other stops.

Working with a private hauler can save you more than just money and time; choose the right one and you can feel good about protecting the planet while also protecting your body from the risk of injury or accident. Not all private waste companies are cut from the same cloth; at Jiffy Junk, we’re laser-focused on ensuring our customers get the very best service while we work to minimize everyone’s landfill impact. 

Choosing a Private Hauling Company for Bulk Disposal

Anyone can come to your home or place of business to haul away things you no longer need, but not all private hauling companies place an emphasis on environmental best practices or sustainable disposal.

Our Jiffy Junk service promise doesn’t just mean we’ll leave you with a clean space; it also means we’ll leave you with a clean conscience. We separate everything we remove from our customers’ residential and commercial properties to ensure anything in usable condition is diverted to area charitable donation centers. Everything else, we strive to recycle in order to ensure as little as possible is taken to languish in a landfill.

Our experienced and knowledgeable removal techs will leave your space swept clean and free of dust, ready for whatever you have planned. We can help you manage almost any kind of project you can imagine, including:

Home Remodeling and Renovation

Washington DC Department of Public Works does not accept any type of construction and demolition waste for bulk pickup, but we do. We’ll help you keep your worksite clean and free of tripping hazards, so work can proceed as quickly and as safely as possible.

Spring Cleaning

Sometimes, you need to clean out a few closets. Sometimes, you need to clear out an entire attic. No matter how large or small, our professional service team can have your space free of bulky items, dust and debris. We’ll even tear up old carpeting, uninstall unwanted appliances and do all the heavy lifting.

Rental Property Cleaning

Owning rental property can be a great investment, but not all tenants will treat your property with respect. When you’re trying to get rid of garbage, debris left over from repairs and other waste that keeps you from getting your property back on the market, we can help take care of all your disposal needs in one fell swoop.

Closing an Estate

Losing someone important to you is never easy but managing the closure of their estate can make it exponentially more difficult. When you’re in the process of clearing out a living space and getting rid of the things no one wants or needs, let us help you make a difficult time less stressful.

Best of all, we’re available to remove almost anything you can imagine, regardless of what’s happening in the government. Our services never shut down, so we’re always here when the garbage gets thick. We can’t clean up everything in Washington DC that needs it, but we can help you take care of your spaces. Contact us today and find out how you can get rid of everything on your list with a single phone call.

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