Things You Should Know About Estate Cleanout

Things You Should Know About Estate Cleanout


Whenever someone is having an estate cleanout it’s because of one of four reasons. Either they are downsizing and going through a major lifestyle change or someone has died in the family or a divorce or they have crippling debt. 

None of these is a good thing so this usually happens when life takes a sad turn. Now another reason you may need estate cleanout services is that you are relocating due to a job change. It is estimated that on average there are about 10000 Americans are turning 65

This means a large part of the population is aging out. This makes for a large amount of downsizing in lifestyle for many households or in some sad cases are simply passing away. 

So there is a big need for estate cleanout within the country. On top of that, there are plenty of households that need help with cleaning out there properties. They might be alone because of a separation or because they are too busy to actually carry out the job. 

Regardless of whatever the reason for the need of estate cleanout doing it is most definitely a daunting task. From clearing out furniture, appliances, household goods, and other items becomes challenging for the most part. This is due to the size of the average American household. 

The average household here in the US is about 25000 square feet and almost every single inch of the place is boarded up with belongings gathered over the years.  

American’s more often than not need estate cleanout services when the death in the family occurs. Say a grandma or a grandpa died and you are left with all their belongings. 

What do you do with all the belongings they had acquired over their lifetime? What about the junk that had piled on? You obviously need to do some estate junk removal. 

Don’t worry Jiffy Junk is here to guide you through the way. We have created an extensive list of things you should know about when planning an estate cleanout. So let’s just dive into what you need to know.


Some Hidden Charges


So you are planning an estate cleanout services and you plan to do it yourself. You should remember that if you are doing this it is not really free labor even if it seems like it. 

You should calculate what the expenses are and find out if you are really being cost and time effective with the estate cleanout and junk removal. When conducting an estate cleanout you need to be agile in your execution because there are out of the pocket charges that tend to pile up with time. 

Things You Should Know About Estate Cleanout1

Things like mortgages, taxes, repairs, maintenance, and landscaping costs are some that you need to keep an eye out for. Now this all may seem a bit overwhelming to you but don’t worry this post is here to guide you through the thick of it. 

So let’s see what some hidden charges you can incur when planning an estate cleanout:


Shipping Costs


So you need an estate cleared out and all the junk removed but you have plenty of memorabilia and other knick-knacks that you need to ship. Whether it is across town or across the country the shipping costs can become a great burden. 

There are plenty of instances where the shipping costs were much more than the cost of goods being shipped. We know that the sentimental value of the products may not have a price tag but you should be looking thoroughly through the pile anyway. 

See if you need everything available there and donate things that aren’t really necessary or don’t really hold any significant sentimental value for you. Shipping costs are a burden with many exceeding the capability of the receiver so have a clear plan for the payment as well. 


Storing The Goods


Say you have a loved one who has died and you have all their belongings. You don’t want to sell for some reason. But it is also not possible for you to bring everything into your house. 

So you decide you are going to rent a storage unit and store the additional goods there. Well, that would be a big mistake, to be honest. Depending on where you live simple storage units with 10 X 20 dimensions can cost $100 to $300 a month.

 Now how often are you going to open that storage unit or when are you going to use those items? In our line of work, we have come across storage units that haven’t been opened in two or more decades. 

So tell me will just throw away 72000 dollars? Are the items you are neglecting and not using at all worth wasting thousands of dollars on? Instead of storing these unwanted items you should be looking to have them sold, donated or repurposed.




Donations seem like an easy thing to do, right? Well, that is not always the case. In our experience, we have seen people struggle with the amount of work they had to do to get a donation through. 

If you have Old cars, firearms, and other specialty items the amount of paperwork involved is immense when declaring it as a donation. Now I know what you are thinking and you are right you should contribute to the charity especially if this is the wish of the person to whom the items belonged to. 

But instead of directly donating the items themselves you should try and sell them first. This way you don’t have to run around and waste your time getting all the paperwork ready. 

Just find the charity you and your family are close to or would like to contribute to and give them the proceeds from the sale. This is a more effective way of a donation than donating entire items especially if they require huge amounts of paperwork.




Now you can easily think about getting a few of your friends and family members together and start clearing out the estate. You can do that but there are some factors you need to consider before jumping to this idea. 

Things You Should Know About Estate Cleanout2

On average by our estimation, we have seen that it takes around 200-300 man-hours to cleanout a 3000 square feet estate. Now that amounts to a lot of evenings and weekends that you need to put in with the band of volunteers you have gathered together. 

This is why you need to carefully consider the options. Think about the time that you need to invest and your family needs to invest in this. Will you be able to take significant time away from work and other commitments? Will the volunteers be able to offer you the time required? 

Find out how many hours you and your team of volunteers can give. This way you will be able to find out how many days or months you will need for this estate cleanout project. 

Also doing this may have prolonged carrying costs which can pile up with prolonged work effort. This is why many people hire professional estate cleanout companies to finish the work within a few days. 

This way the estate junk removal does not take time and you can move on to the next step of the process. For the most part, this is the most cost-effective way to approach the situation.


Some Tips On Estate Sale and Cleanup


If you are having an estate sale? Then you will need to have an estate cleanout and a complete junk removal operation. But before you go into handing your estate over to an estate liquidator hear us out. 

There are about 14000 liquidators around the US. To be a competent liquidator you need to meet certain standards and most don’t even have formal training. So before you hand your estate over take a look at some tips we have prepared for you:


Organize All Key Financial Documents


Before giving the estate over to a company for a sale or a cleanout make sure you arrange and set aside documents like any will, trusts and other related documents. 

Find the life insurance policies if there are any and statements, real estate deeds and titles. Check for recent bank statements if you cannot find any then obtain them from the bank.

 Also, get a hold of any stock certificates; 401(k) records; tax returns and receipts. These will come in handy if you have to file any returns on income tax.


Take Your Time Combing Through


Often times people forget where they keep things. There have been plenty of instances where people have left valuable and important items within places in the house. 

So before you give your house to an estate cleanout service provider make sure you give through combing of the place. Go through everything including clothing, drawers, high shelves, every container, etc. make sure you exclude nothing. 

Take your time with this and only when you completely feel that you have left nothing unturned then hand the estate over.


Find A System For Sharing Estate Items


So this is a tricky situation. If you have a long list of family members who are viable to claim items from the estate. Then you can ask them to convene at one place and hold a meeting about the estate. 

Try creating a list of things and make sure that everyone getting a fair share. Now I say that this is a tricky situation because when dividing items from the estate it can lead to disputes as more than one person can have claim over one single thing. 

So to avoid this you can take help from outside mediators or take legal help to help you resolve the issue better.


Store Photos & Memorabilia


So photos and memorabilia are materialistically really cheap but the sentimental value they possess is beyond anything. Now for anyone else outside the family they will mean very less. 

So before you hand over the estate to junk removal or cleanout company make sure you take out every picture, scrapbooks, albums, etc. Basically anything of any sentimental value, remove them from the estate make sure you store them safely. 

Things You Should Know About Estate Cleanout3

The idea of the future generation being able to relate to the stories and experience is invaluable. Make sure when you are checking the house that you remove every tangible link to family members they may never meet. 


Donating Old Clothes


Old clothes don’t really have any resale value. Unless you have vintage clothing that is considered antiques. If you have any then you can go to Consignment shops and have the clothes checked. 

That can be a source for a quick buck. You can also sell the vintage clothes on eBay or have a yard sale and sell them there. But it is highly recommended that you donate the clothes to help out the less fortunate. 

This is a good way to honor the memory of a deceased family member if it is their estate you are cleaning out. You can simply talk to any charity that you like working with or any other charity that has ties to your family and provide them with the clothes.


Don’t Let It Overwhelm You


So there you go those are some important things that you need to know about before you plan an estate cleanout. The estate cleanout process is grueling work.

It is both mentally, physically and sometimes emotionally exhausting. So don’t let the work overwhelm you. Ask family and friends to lend a helping. Ask them to provide you with the support you need. 

All the physical work is not only exhausting but it can be risky if done through amateur hands. This is where professional estate cleanout service providers like Jiffy Junk come in. 

Our staff has ample experience in handling estate cleanout services. We have taken great care into building a team that is punctual, patient, and respectful while treating your needs with the utmost care. 

We have an extensive client-base for estate cleanout services with the majority being landlords, attorneys, banks, and homeowners. With that being said we will draw the discussion to a close. 

So remember if you are ever feeling exhausted and alone, 

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