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Basement Flood Cleanup After the Nor’easter

August 30, 2017.

When nor’easters bring heavy rain and gusting winds, basement flooding is always a possibility. Your basement is the lowest point of your home, and it’s the first place to be affected by rising water levels.

Managing the cleanup after a flood is a major headache, especially if water damage affects the items stored downstairs. When you’re faced with damaged belongings and a waterlogged area in your home, you also have to consider the potential health hazards as conditions become ideal for mold, mildew and other microbial growth. The more time that passes before you act after a flooding emergency, the worse conditions will become.

Act Fast to Minimize Damage From Flooding

It’s vital to move quickly when your basement floods, but your health and safety are paramount. Never step into a basement or any other area with standing water until you’ve turned off the electricity. You can very easily electrocute yourself by stepping into water, which conducts electricity. It’s also wise to remember that you don’t know what kind of bacteria is lurking in the water, either. Minimizing contact is best.

Ideally, you’ll work to remove water after stopping the flood at its source. Unfortunately, when flooding is the result of rising groundwater levels, you may not be able to isolate a single point of entry. Still, your first priority is getting the water out of your basement via submersible pump or even a wet/dry vacuum. Because water and electricity are such a volatile combination, it’s almost always best to enlist a professional water damage and flood mitigation specialist.

Carpet, upholstered furniture and rugs will not be salvageable after a flooding situation because floodwater originating from any source can carry contaminants and bacteria. Once the water stops flowing and is removed, you’re faced with the necessity of disposal for all your damaged items. This can be particularly difficult not just from a physical standpoint, but also from an emotional one, if the items ruined have sentimental value.

Basement Flood Cleanup After the Storm

When the water is removed and all that remains are your soaked and ruined belongings, it’s time to start working on disposal methods. You can rent a dumpster or attempt to haul everything away yourself, but this is a health hazard.  You’ll risk injury by lifting heavy, soaked furniture and exposure to mold may cause long-term health issues. You’re also forced to throw away things you never intended to get rid of, which only adds insult to injury after a devastating flood.

When your Suffolk or Nassau County home or business floods, our professional and experienced technicians at Jiffy Junk are standing by to help. Our white-glove service commitment means we’ll leave your basement clean-swept and ready to repair, and our dedication to ethical disposal means you never have to worry about unnecessary environmental impact from your unfortunate flood. We’ll make sure any recyclable items are taken to the appropriate facilities, minimizing your landfill contribution.

Let us help you put your home and life back in order with high-quality basement flood cleanup services. Call today: 844-543-3966.

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