Celebrities Who Use Broward County Trash Pickup

Celebrities Who Use Broward County Trash Pickup

Despite the glitz, glamour and swarming paparazzi, celebrities are just like everyone else in some ways. They put on their pants one leg at a time, and they have to get rid of their garbage. Even the most outspoken environmental activist generates some waste, which means those stars living in Miami and Fort Lauderdale need trash pickup, too. Get the dirt on all the famous faces who live and throw things away in Broward County.

For efficient and environmentally responsible waste disposal, consider hiring professional junk removal services to handle all your needs. Our commercial junk removal service is designed for those who require waste disposal from various types of properties, ensuring a clean and clutter-free environment efficiently.

Celebrities of Broward County: Trash Pickup and Waste Removal Services

The most fabulous celebrities need to get things out of their way sometimes, be it everyday household waste or bigger, more cumbersome jobs. Here are some of the big stars who might need help getting rid of their expensive cast-offs in Broward County.

  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson– Whether you know him as a formidable pro wrestler or a swaggering action hero, you know The Rock. This megastar was once a University of Miami student, and he spends some of his time in a lavish home in Broward County. Trash pickup is likely still handled by Broward Solid Waste Disposal, which means his waste ends up at the same recycling centers and landfills as everyone else.
  • Gloria Estefan– A Cuban immigrant who arrived in the United States at two years old, Gloria Estefan is a legend in pop and Latin music, with a string of hits under her belt throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s. She also owns and operates an award-winning restaurant in Broward County, so she has residential and commercial waste to manage on a regular basis. 
  • LeBron James– A divisive and explosive figure in the world of sports, the Cleveland Cavaliers star spends his off-season in a lavish Miami home, reportedly one of the most expensive in the area. With so much space to entertain guests, it’s a safe bet Mr. James relies on regular trash pickup to keep his estate pristine. 
  • Ricky Martin– This boy band member turned early-2000’s pop phenom can be found shaking his bon-bon and taking out the trash on one of his two properties; this star is so smitten with life in Miami that he owns two separate homes in the metropolitan area. With three children in tow, it’s a safe bet his lavish properties generate plenty of trash.
  • Matt Damon– An actor, producer, Oscar-winning screen writer and box office favorite, Matt Damon is among the glitterati who call Broward County home, at least when he’s not stranded in space or doing spectacular stunts on the set of the Bourne films.
  • Shakira– Singer and songwriter Shakira, whose Latin pop hits burned up the airwaves throughout the 2000s, owns a home with 100 feet of bay frontage and her very own boat dock.
  • Shaquille O’Neal– There are big sports stars, and then there’s Shaq. This NBA legend can be found towering over everyone else in Broward County when he’s visiting his Miami home.
  • Cher– Ageless and captivating, Cher is a living legend who also calls Broward County home. Like Ricky Martin, she once maintained two properties in the area. She’s downsized to a single Broward County residence these days, soaking up the sun on gorgeous La Gorce Island.
  • Floyd Mayweather– A legendary boxer who’s almost as famous for his antics outside the ring, Floyd Mayweather lives in the swanky Miami golfing community of La Gorce, calling Cher, Ricky Martin and Chicago Bulls player Dwayne Wade neighbors.

While celebrities tend to be outspoken on environmental issues, even the most dedicated activist must throw things away from time to time. Fortunately, there are ethical junk removal services dedicated to minimizing landfill impact while providing award-worthy service. At Jiffy Junk, we give everyone the star treatment, so you can get rid of anything you no longer need or want, from household waste to unwanted furniture or construction and demolition waste.

Ethical Disposal in Broward County

When you’re in the middle of a big cleaning or organizing project, you need waste removal you can trust to stay on schedule while minimizing the environmental impact of every job. It’s true that time is money, whether you have a moving date in sight or you’re getting a short-term rental ready to go back on the market after overzealous tenants made a mess while they partied like rock stars.  At Jiffy Junk, we make sure all of our clients feel like celebrities by providing true white-glove service with a focus on doing what’s right for the planet.

We’ll come to your home, place of business or celebrity compound to take away anything you no longer need or want, always looking for ways to keep it out of the landfill. Our dedication to greener disposal means we separate all usable items for drop-off at local charitable donation facilities, then look for ways to recycle the rest. We go above and beyond to find recycling centers that handle even the most unconventional waste, all with the aim of keeping it out of the ocean and out of landfills.

We know your time is valuable, so we encourage our customers to leave waste as it sits. We’ll collect items and handle all the sorting, uninstall any appliances you plan to discard and do all the heavy lifting. You never have to lift a finger, just like the celebrities who live in and around Broward County. 

Don’t let a big job get you down, let us come handle the waste management so you can focus on the tasks only you can manage. Whether you’re trying to reclaim some space in the garage or you’re managing something as difficult as a hoarding cleanup or estate management, there’s no job too large or too small for our expert technicians. When the waste and debris is removed, you’re left with a broom-clean space ready for anything you have planned. 

Call Jiffy Junk today to get rid of your junk just like the stars do: by hiring junk removal professionals who put the health of the environment first.

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