Celebrities Who Might Need Junk Removal on Staten Island

Celebrities Who Might Need Junk Removal on Staten Island


Locals of Staten Island know they are a little different from the other New York Boroughresidents. Living on an island outside of the rest of NYC and across the water from New Jersey gives them a unique perspective. Crossing bridges or taking a free ferry to get anywhere outside the community develops their special identity. No subways connecting to the mainland adds to the independent make-up of Staten Island characters.

Residents of “The Rock” share their small island with some famous people. Many celebrities have been born and/or lived on Staten Island. Even after becoming famous, many still live there or have established a second home in their old stomping grounds. Being famous doesn’t stop you from having some of the same issues with your home that the rest of us have. We wondered what kind of junk removal services Staten Island services these celebrities might need.


  1. Buster Poindexter


David Johansen was born in Staten Island and has worked, lived and/or played in his old hometown all of his life. He is a prolific actor and musician, who is also known in his solo music career as Buster Poindexter. While he’s sure to keep a home with many Hot, hot, hot features, it’s likely that he has to rearrange or get rid of items to make room for other things, just like the rest of us. Creating those bluesy tracks for his newest album requires the best sound equipment, as well as the space to set it up. Perhaps getting rid of his old harmonica cabinet would make room for the new sound-proofed area he wants in his spare room in back. While he might not need the money, donating his old cabinet to a local charity would be a good choice. What would be even better is hiring a service to pick up his items and deliver them to a charity that could use them. Buster might certainly appreciate such a time saver. 


  1. Redman


Reggie Noble, AKA Hip-hop artist, Redman, has lived in the same neighborhood since the early ‘90s. He describes his older home as “so small that with only four more people visiting, the house feels too crowded.” He also notes that his house has only one entrance/exit and that he has a lot of clutter and far too much furniture for the small space. He has often collaborated with friends from the Staten Island Hip-hop band, Wu-Tang. If he wanted to do this in his home, he might need to get rid of a lot of stuff. He also admits that he is the “Oscar Madison” of rappers. He simply doesn’t like to clean. Extra cabinets, old mementos, boxes of items that collect and accumulate over years make it hard to move around in a small space. Getting all the extra items out of the house could also be a lot of work. Redman would probably appreciate not carrying all of that junk out of his front door by himself!


  1. The Situation


Known as “the Situation” on the reality show, Jersey Shore, Mike Sorrentino is one of three cast members who calls Staten Island home. On the show, Mike was known for his rowdy and attention-getting antics like regularly flashing everyone with his 6-pack stomach. His fans are all bussing over his recent engagement to his college sweetheart. Everyone is wondering if he will stay on the Island and how his life is changing now that he is finally planning to tie the knot. Mike’s old house might still have all his workout equipment and bachelor furniture. After years on Jersey Shore, he’s built enough wealth to create quite a new love nest for him and his fiancée. Wherever he ends up living, he’ll need to deal with his Staten Island house and all of the contents. Who knows how many old weights and eclectic used furniture he has to get rid of.  If he plans to sell or rent out his old home, he’ll need to deal with the contents of the home. Nobody in his world has time to empty out the house. What he needs is a full junk removal service to take charge of clearing out the entire place once and for all.


  1. Bobby Flay


Known for his flair with southwestern dishes, the first cooking Chef Bobby Flay did in Staten Island as a kid was with his Easy-Bake Oven. He was eight years old and asked for it for Christmas from his parents. They bought him one, along with a GI Joe doll, just to cover all the gift bases. Since then, Flay graduated from culinary arts school, has starred in 13 food-themed shows on TV, has established 19 restaurants and written 15 books. He still has a home that he lives in while from time to time in Staten Island. Flay enjoys entertaining and is famous for the creative dining and cooking spaces in his restaurants, and one can imagine the same would be true in his home. If he still has that Easy-Bake Oven and GI Joe, they might be in his hometown home, along with possibly decades’ worth of childhood and school memories.  If he does, he might be ready to donate and/or pitch many items in storage. Whenever it’s time to update or renovate a kitchen or dining area, it’s often a good idea to clear out any clutter while you’re at it. A vintage, well-cared for GI Joe collection and an original Easy-Bake Oven, especially if once owned by a celebrity, could be a great donation for the local church or charity organization. On the other hand, if Flay is like so many of the rest of us, the boxes of stuff he keeps are mostly sentimental, and sooner or later he’ll just want to junk them all. A junk removal service which can take valuable donations as well as unusable junk could be a great start in progress on those home upgrades.


Do You Need Junk Removal on Staten Island?


Even celebrities need help getting rid of their spare items and junk they no longer want to store at home. Staten Island has only one Dump, and it’s not a great idea to allow all your items to end up there when much of it can be donated. If you live on Staten Island and you don’t have the time to coordinate pickups or drop offs, or just don’t want the hassle of loading out boxes of old stuff, Jiffy Junk has got your solution. Call us or go online to schedule an appointment. Our pros will do all the work, coordinating and transporting at an affordable price so you can get on with more important things.

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