Driveway Concrete Disposal

Driveway Concrete Disposal


Is your old driveway diminishing your home’s curb appeal? As one of the first things people encounter when they visit your home, your driveway makes a big first impression. Cracks and visible damage aren’t just unsightly; they can also cause problems on your property or to your vehicles.


Is it Time for a New Driveway?


Unless you’re experienced in the building trades, determining whether you need a full replacement or simple repairs on your driveway can be a challenge. If you’ve already spent money on patching and resurfacing only to have cracks reappear, it’s definitely time for a full replacement.

De-icing salt, gasoline, oil, and other automotive chemicals can penetrate the surface of your driveway over time, causing cracks that typically expand with freezing winter temperatures. Smaller cracks can be patched with relative ease, but patching substantial cracks is a temporary fix, at best. Large patches will also have a noticeable difference in color, which isn’t much better in terms of curb appeal than the cracks you’re trying to hide.

If your driveway also has potholes, you’re looking at more than an aesthetic issue. These can wreak havoc on your tires and suspension. When patching and resurfacing quick-fixes are no longer enough, it’s time to consider a full driveway replacement for the sake of your property, your vehicles, and your curb appeal.


Driveway Replacement and Appropriate Concrete Disposal


Building a new driveway is often the easy part of replacement. The real challenge is ethical, responsible concrete disposal. Concrete is a recyclable material, so it doesn’t have to end up in a landfill. The trick is finding a drop-off location that offers concrete recycling in accordance with legal requirements, then getting the discarded material to the location with minimal hassle.

Attempting to haul broken shards of concrete to a recycling center or appropriate drop-off location yourself will require several trips in a truck, which you will have to rent or borrow if you don’t own one. You will not be able to fill the truck bed to capacity due to the weight of concrete, which is also likely to damage the bed of the truck if there’s no bed liner in place.

Taking several trips means more than paying per load and potential damage to a vehicle. A material heavy enough to damage a truck’s suspension means it’s heavy enough to damage your body when you attempt to load it into the truck. Instead of spending days attempting to locate an appropriate drop-off facility before beginning the labor-intensive work of hauling your own concrete, why not work with seasoned professionals?

At Jiffy Junk, we know how important it is to keep a construction or improvement area clear. Our trained professionals will handle all the concrete  cleanup, so you’re able to focus on managing your new driveway project. Don’t pay skilled labor rates for cleanup. We’ll provide ongoing disposal for a continually clean job site, or a one-time service at the end of the build. Let us provide you with safe, responsible and quick support for your driveway renovation and materials disposal.

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