Do Broken Furniture Recycling Services Exist in Palm Beach County?

Do Broken Furniture Recycling Services Exist in Palm Beach County?


What are you supposed to do with broken furniture? Recycling services and drop-off centers rarely accept things like sofas and wooden furniture, but no one wants to send their castoffs to the nearest landfill. Figuring out how to efficiently and ethically dispose of damaged or unwanted furniture can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be an insurmountable one. With a basic understanding of all your options, you can make an informed decision regarding disposal that suits your budget and schedule without weighing heavily on your conscience.


Disposing of Broken Furniture: Recycling Services, Disposal Options and More


Finding a new home for slightly worn or outdated furniture can be as difficult as getting rid of pieces that are irreparably broken, especially if you’re not able to drag heavy, awkward items all the way down to the curb for municipal bulk collection. The Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County does offer bulk pickup for items too large to fit into a regular curbside bin twice per week, but there are some limitations and guidelines you should be aware of before you avail yourself of this service.

First, any glass table tops, doors or other glass parts must be broken and all glass pieces containerized in a solid container for the safety of Palm Beach County Solid Waste Authority collection workers. These containers must weigh less than fifty pounds. Appliances and metal items will be taken to local recycling centers, but the same cannot be said for whole or broken furniture; recycling services do not exist on a municipal level for most of these items, which means all furniture collected as part of the Solid Waste Authority’s bulk pickup services will be taken to a landfill.

When you’re determined to minimize your landfill impact, sending large items and those unlikely to break down, like sofa cushions made from polyurethane foam, to the landfill might not square with your own personal philosophy. This leaves you stuck with looking for community-level recycling programs on your own or working with private haulers who share your dedication to greener, more ethical disposal. Fortunately, Palm Beach County residents have access to the very best in true white-glove, full-service removal through Jiffy Junk.


How to Keep Your Landfill Impact Small During a Big Cleaning Job


Throwing away large items usually means you’re in the middle of a substantial project. When you’re dealing with unwanted appliances and broken furniture, recycling services that come to you can be a real lifesaver. Our trained and experienced Jiffy Junk technicians go the extra mile to ensure you’re able to take a no-stress approach to waste removal in order to focus on the more pressing aspects of your project. We handle waste removal for projects including, but certainly not limited to:

  • Closing an estate– It’s never easy to say goodbye to a loved one, nor is working to manage their affairs. When personal effects and belongings have been distributed accordingly, everything left behind must be managed in order to make sure a property is cleaned out and ready to be passed along to the next occupant. We understand this is a sensitive, difficult project; our removal technicians work quickly and respectfully to ensure you’re able to manage the process as easily as possible.
  • Managing rental properties– Good tenants are precious, and poor tenants can leave you with a real mess. When broken furniture, abandoned belongings and detritus stand between you and the next renter, we’re here to make quick work of big messes so you can get your property back on the market as quickly as possible.
  • Cleaning out storage unit– Some of the items in your storage unit may be useful and valuable. Others, including broken furniture, may just be wasting expensive space as you leave them to never again be used. Whether you’re clearing out things you’ll never touch again to make room for more valuable things in a rented unit or you’re clearing out a storage space altogether to get rid of an unnecessary monthly expense, Jiffy Junk can help you clear out just about anything in record time.
  • Preparing for a big move– When you’ve got items you’d rather toss out than pack up, there’s no sense in moving them. This especially holds true for damaged items, like broken furniture. Recycling services aren’t always easy to find for some items, and moving schedules are often tight. Rather than spending precious time looking for green disposal methods for a damaged sofa, why not work with professionals who share your dedication to ethical waste management?
  • Remodeling and home renovations– Construction and demolition debris aren’t the only kind of waste your home improvement project is likely to generate; you’ll probably want to get rid of old furniture, too. We’ll help you dispose of all the waste generated by your home’s glow-up as ethically as possible, so you can enjoy all the new amenities without worrying about your environmental impact.
  • Hoarding mitigation– Working to break the cycle of a hoarding compulsion requires an enormous investment of physical and emotional energy. Working to clear a home of all the things collected over the course of a hoarding compulsion requires a lot of elbow grease and landfill space, unless you work with professional haulers who understand the unique intricacies of both greener disposal and hoarding mitigation. 

Unlike municipal bulk pickup or private haulers that offer less than full-service removal, we never require our customers to drag ungainly, often dangerously heavy items down to the curb. We’ll uninstall appliances before hauling them away to be recycled, which means you also don’t have to worry about removing doors to keep neighborhood children safe and to comply with local ordinances. We’ll even tear up old carpeting you’d like to discard, and we’ll separate everything for you as we remove items, so you don’t have to invest time and effort into sorting things you no longer want or need. 

Everything we remove, we carefully examine to determine whether it’s in suitable condition for reuse. These items are taken to area donation centers, so they can stay in your community to be of help to people or organizations in need rather than taking up space in a landfill while helping no one. Everything else, we work hard to find sustainable disposal solutions for, even when municipal recycling services don’t exist. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you make greener, more ethical disposal choices for broken furniture, unwanted appliances and more.

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