How to Remove Siding for the DIYer

How to Remove Siding for the DIYer


We’re all guilty of fashion faux pas, unfortunately. No one, and essentially nothing, is a stranger to evolving trends and style changes over the years including our homes. Just as our jeans move between acid and stone washed to boot cut and straight leg over the course of a decade or two, a house appreciates the same opportunity to spruce up its appearance.

Sometimes a new roof is in order while other times shutters need repainting. Oftentimes, the biggest improvement is replacing old siding. This challenge seems to be something most homeowners tackle on their own, a task easily conquered by many DIY enthusiasts.


How to Remove Siding


Using a special siding removal tool, commonly called a zip tool, the panels unlock from each other. Simply insert the tool under a panel, preferably one right at or towards the top, and unlock it from the surrounding panels. A swift tug downward should do the trick, causing it to hang away from the house and expose any anchoring nails of the panel directly below it.

Once unlocked, use the claw end of a hammer to remove nails holding that particular piece in place moving left to right until the entire piece is fully detached. Repeat with the panel underneath it row by row until completely removed. If the siding seems stubborn, make sure all nails have been removed and the panel is no longer in the holding channel along the ends or locked into any surrounding pieces.

Like any project, getting started is often the biggest hurdle to jump. Once the first strip of siding is removed, the others seem eager to follow suit and the project is generally smooth sailing going forward. It typically takes only a day or two, depending upon the size of the home or number of panels being removed, to complete.


How to Dispose of Old Siding


Perhaps, the most challenging part would be disposing of the old siding once removed.  Those ripped jeans and faded shirts with years of stains left cluttering up the yard aren’t always easy to part with. Clean-up is never the fun part of any project. It can be overwhelming and reiterates the saying every DIY person has heard time and again, things get worse before they get better.

Luckily, Jiffy Junk is happy to take care of that portion of the project for you – handling the mess so you can enjoy the rest.  If you live in Queens or the Nassau and Suffolk County areas, we will dispose and recycle any leftover debris on your behalf. Not only will we do it quickly, in a jiffy if you will, we’ll also do it efficiently.

Now you can focus on that new pair of jeans your house desperately wanted to slip into or that shirt you’ve been admiring for so long. Step back and admire the new fit. It looks great. Home sweet home.

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