Good Riddance to Bad Garbage: Rubbish Removal in Austin

Good Riddance to Bad Garbage: Rubbish Removal in Austin


Normal household waste is one thing; you put it in the proper curbside bin, and it’s taken away by Austin Resource Recovery. Making sure you sort recyclables properly is the most thought the process typically requires. Sometimes, though, your waste management demands are a bit different.

Large-scale cleaning and organizing projects come with large piles of garbage. Rubbish removal can become a challenge in these situations, and a lack of waste management planning also has the potential to rapidly derail progress. The municipal services you rely on for household waste management through Austin Resource Recovery do come with restrictions and guidelines, so it’s important to understand all your options before work on your project begins.


Bulk Garbage Rubbish Removal Options for Austinites


Anything you can’t fit into a curbside bin is considered “bulk garbage.” Rubbish removal for bulky items is available through ARR, but with a few conditions.

First and foremost, bulk collection week happens twice per year, and on Austin Resource Recovery’s schedule. This means that unless you’re working on a project with only self-imposed deadlines, you’re likely to immediately run into a scheduling conflict when attempting to work with ARR for bulk disposal. There are also restrictions on the types of items you can dispose of in this manner. Accepted items include:

  • Furniture
  • Appliances, with doors removed
  • Rolled fencing
  • Passenger vehicle tires, removed from rims
  • Nail-free lumber
  • Lawn mowers, gas/oil removed
  • Carpet
  • Railroad ties, cut in half
  • Pallets

Austin Resource Recovery crews cannot accept:

  • Large truck or tractor tires
  • Any tires still mounted on rims
  • Household waste
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Trailers
  • Boats, ATVS, or motorcycles
  • Automotive chassis and bodies
  • Mirrors or sheet glass
  • Remodeling or construction debris

Because bulk collection is expressly intended for items too large to be containerized, no bags, bins or containers of waste will be collected by ARR crews. These items will instead be treated as extra trash and subjected to extra trash fees.

Residents must place items neatly at the curb in three distinctly separate piles: metal items and appliances, non-metal items, and tires. ARR collection crews will transport metal items and tires to recycling centers but will transport everything else to the local landfill. Despite a Zero Waste by 2040 goal, there is no framework currently in place to manage non-metal waste, apart from passenger vehicle tires. This means furniture and household goods in usable condition also end up in the landfill, rather than staying in the community where they can be of some help to those in need.

These piles must be at least five feet from all parked vehicles, fences and walls, water meters and telephone connection boxes. You must also be sure not to place items under any low-hanging power lines or tree limbs. Over several days during bulk collection week, different crews will collect different piles for disposal. This works well enough if you’re working on something that doesn’t come with a hard and fast deadline, but what happens when there’s a timeline beyond your control to consider?

You can take responsibility for managing waste on your own, but it can quickly become a shockingly expensive investment of time, labor and money. Separating items that must go, coordinating a route, facilitating the drop-off of items to multiple locations throughout the city, and doing all the heavy lifting can be outsourced. Many other aspects of your project cannot. Every minute you spend crunching the numbers, securing a vehicle suitable for hauling or working to get rid of waste is a minute you’re not spending on the things no one else on your site can manage. 

Working with a private hauler allows you to spend more of your time thinking about the best ways to effectively manage your project, and less time thinking about garbage. Rubbish removal you can count on to be both efficient and ethical is attainable; Jiffy Junk can help.


Earth-Friendly Disposal on a Larger Scale in Austin


Whether you’re preparing for a big move, doing the emotionally and physically draining work of hoarding mitigation, or anything in between, Jiffy Junk is here to help. We’ve built our business around providing the very best in full-service, white glove hauling with an emphasis on environmental best practices. As a result, we’re able to offer greener disposal that also allows you to take a truly hands-off approach to handling almost any kind of waste you can imagine.

Our extensively trained and knowledgeable removal technicians will come to your home or place of business to take away just about anything, but we’re not making a beeline for the nearest landfill. Anything we remove, we carefully inspect to determine whether it’s suitable for donation. If so, we deliver it to area drop-off centers so usable goods stay out of the local landfill. For everything else, we work hard to find a sustainable disposal solution that bypasses the landfill whenever possible, because we believe it’s everyone’s responsibility to help take care of the planet.

Because we also believe in helping our clients enjoy a space as clean as their consciences, we do all the heavy lifting as part of our greener, more ethical rubbish removal service. Rather than forcing our customers to drag heavy items down to the curb and carefully place them for collection, we’ll uninstall unwanted appliances for disposal, remove heavy pieces of furniture from where they sit, and even tear up old carpeting. Our full-service hauling allows you to truly outsource every aspect of disposal, freeing you up to tend to more pressing aspects of your project.

Whether you need one-time pickup or ongoing waste management for a very large job, we’re able to work with you to devise a full waste management plan tailored to your unique needs. Don’t let a towering junk pile get you down. With a single phone call, you can get rid of it easily, ethically and on your schedule. Contact us today to learn more about our earth-friendly disposal practices, our customer-focused service and all the ways we work to help simplify any project, from the very smallest to the most overwhelming.


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