Got Piano Hauling?

Got Piano Hauling?


You’re clearing space and cutting clutter, but what do you do about the enormous piano? Whether you’re trying to organize your own home or clearing out an estate, a piano can be one of the more difficult items to dispose of properly. Large, heavy and ungainly, they certainly can’t be tipped into a garbage truck during weekly rounds or left out on the curb for the taking.

Pianos can be so difficult to maneuver that they tend to stay where they’re placed for decades, only being moved from that spot when their owners change addresses. Even meticulously maintained instruments can be challenging to place in another home, simply because accepting ownership of a piano is such a big commitment.

How you go about finding a new home for your unwanted piano will depend largely upon the condition it’s in and how much time you’re willing to devote to the project. An instrument in great or even good condition can eventually be sold, though you’ll have to wait for a buyer who wants both a piano and the headache of moving one. What about pianos in less than pristine condition, though?


Finding a New Home for Your Old Piano


If your piano is past the point of being appealing to a buyer who plans to play and cherish it, what do you do?

You can always attempt to give it away for free on any number of community websites and social media groups, although people in the market for a free piano may be less than thrilled at the prospect of paying a professional mover who specializes in piano transportation.

While you may think your piano has reached the end of its useful life, this may not actually be the case. Even if you think it’s too far gone to be salvaged, piano restorers and technicians-in-training will often accept aging or neglected instruments for practice repairs. You may even be able to donate your piano to a local charity, though most organizations will not offer pickup services for such large items and will insist you drop it off on their premises.

Hauling a quarter-ton or more is a struggle under any conditions. When you add the height of an upright or the sprawl of a baby grand into the mix, not to mention steps and staircases, it becomes a logistical nightmare. If you’re ready to get an old piano out of your home and have exhausted many of your options, it’s time to consider ethical, responsible piano disposal.


Piano Hauling Solutions for Residential and Commercial Spaces


Your piano may still have a few years of good tunes and good times left to share, or it may be ready for the big concert hall in the sky. Either way, there’s a one-stop solution for all your piano hauling needs.

At Jiffy Junk, we serve home and business clients throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties. We’ll come to your residence or place of business to pick up your old piano, then we’ll make sure it goes to either a donation service of your choosing or a reputable recycling center. You can rest assured your old piano will be removed from your home and placed with someone who will enjoy its remaining years or disposed of in a responsible manner.

If you’re ready to take back the precious square footage in your home or office that is currently dominated by a piano no one ever plays, let us help.

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