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Stress-Free Piano Removal: Finally!

September 14, 2016.

Time for the piano removal, finally! You can’t remember the last time anyone’s actually sat down at that old upright in the den. Maybe it was five Christmases ago after Uncle Elwood had his 8th eggnog. Whenever it was – and hopefully you’ve saved it on video – you’ve decided that you can make better use of the space. So what to do with the piano?

Now that you’ve made up your mind that there, alas, aren’t any future Liberaces in the family (with the possible exception of Uncle Elwood), you can finally call Jiffy Junk and let us find a new home for your piano. We’ll donate it on your behalf,  dispose of it responsibly for you or move it to another location. Just let us know and we’ll take it from there.

Considerations When Moving a Piano

A piano takes up a lot of space, whether a grand piano, baby grand or an upright. And they can be a costly instrument to maintain. In fact, preservation of a piano can easily cost much more than it will ever be worth as an antique or for resale. If you’d like to cut your losses and regain some valuable real estate in your home, we’re here to help.

If your piano is a valuable piece, you don’t want to entrust its removal and care to just anyone. Trust the company that delivers courteous, caring service on every job. We’ll secure your precious heirloom on special piano dollies for safe transport to the destination of your choice.

Getting your piano out of your home requires care and skill to avoid damage to property or physical injury. Its size and construction makes a piano particularly challenging to move. Pianos are heavy and oddly balanced, increasing the risk of tipping, falling or causing damage while moving.

Jiffy Junk haulers are licensed and insured, and our team has moved pianos all across Long Island and the New York City area. Once your piano has been safely hauled away, you’ll be thrilled at all the added space you’ve got for more useful stuff.

We Are a Full-Service Hauling Company

While you’re at it, schedule us to clear out your family room, garage or attic of whatever you need hauled away, wherever it is. Take advantage of our volume pricing and get all of your old stuff hauled off at once, or book several trips if you prefer. We clear out concrete debris, old furniture and appliances, and more. We move your junk when you need it moved, so you don’t have to schedule your cleanout on someone else’ schedule.

Get your home ready for next Christmas and give Uncle Elwood something else to do this holiday season, like decorate the tree you’ve made room for. Call us or book an appointment online. We’ll give you a no-risk quote for the hauling you need. We never charge more than our quote, so book with confidence. We’ll have you ready for the holidays in a jiffy, with the Jiffy Junk hauling service that’s committed to delivering each customer caring, courteous and reliable service.

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