Green Junk Removal

Green Junk Removal


In this day and age, people are more aware about the need for green junk removal and the impact that not having it has on our home. In many situations your concern regarding green junk removal is met with indifference. Many junk removal companies do not recycle at all. At Jiffy Junk, we believe this earth should be cared for as much as you do. There are many reasons that Jiffy Junk should be your choice for junk removal. Being green is not the only thing that makes us great!


Green Junk Removal for Any Situation


From appliance pick up, to yard clean up, to estate cleanouts, Jiffy Junk has the know-how to get these jobs done in a fast, efficient and environmentally friendly way. Since we began, we’ve been a green company, working with recycling plants around the area to ensure that your junk gets to the best location for clean disposal to protect the earth. Many are concerned whether junk companies actually recycle or not. At Jiffy Junk, that will never be an issue; we always share where everything goes before it leaves your hands. So if you want a company that will ensure a true green junk removal process, we are on your team.


Nothing is Too Much for Jiffy Junk


At Jiffy Junk, our team is trained to work. No object is too heavy or too big. Even if an object is in a strange location, we can handle it. Our team will disassemble a piece of furniture in order to remove it, if necessary. The Jiffy Junk team is not afraid to go the extra mile to ensure you are taken care of properly. We know that your time is valuable so we work hard to complete every project in a timely manner.


Getting on the White Gloves


Our exceptional team goes after every detail of junk removal to make sure you get the best service available in New York. One of the very last things we do before leaving a location is ensure that your area is cleaner than when we first arrived. Every place we go gets the same treatment. Are you ready for the cleanest junk removal you’ve ever experienced? Jiffy Junk will always be here in the Long Island area!


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