Is There a Cardboard Pickup Service in Austin?

Is There a Cardboard Pickup Service in Austin?

Are you surrounded by a sea of cardboard? Whether you’ve recently moved into a new Austin home or you’re just a fan of ordering packages online, it’s not a secret that boxes can be difficult to manage. Breaking down one or two and slipping them in the recycling bin is easy; but what do you do when there’s a significant volume? Check out the services offered by Jiffy Junk.

Austin Resource Recovery does provide cardboard pickup service indirectly; every other week, recycling is collected by municipal waste management crews. Still, this may not be a suitable option if you’re looking to dispose of a mountain of waste in less than a two-week window. What should you do when you need to empty your space without marring your conscience? Learn more about your cardboard disposal options so you can make an informed decision ideally suited to the unique needs of your individual project.

What Are My Cardboard Pickup Service Options in Austin?

Unless you want to take responsibility for hauling all that cardboard to the Austin Resource Recovery Recycle & Reuse Drop-Off Center yourself, your options are somewhat limited. Municipal cardboard pickup service is limited to twice-monthly recycling pickup, and what you can’t fit into the bin must be stacked neatly beside it before collection. All recycling must be at the curb no later than 6:30AM on your scheduled collection day, so you’re responsible for not only all the heavy lifting, but also all the hoping that inclement weather or high winds don’t carry your loose cardboard down the street.

If you’ve just finished up a big move and have an extremely high volume of boxes and packaging, this may not even be a feasible option. Breaking down boxes alone can be a time-consuming task, which means you’re not able to focus on any of the things you need to do in order to properly settle into your new home. When you’re finished, a teetering pile can require more muscle power than you expected to move down to the curb, and can be downright dangerous to maneuver.

What about bulk collection day? While it may seem that high-volume waste would be a good fit for something deemed “bulk collection day,” this special waste management occasion actively excludes cardboard on the list of restricted items. It also only rolls around twice each year, so the chances of your schedule aligning with that of the city are relatively slim.

You won’t be able to avail yourself of bulk collection day to get rid of excess cardboard, no matter how much you have or how you attempt to disguise it as something else. Because bulk collection services are intended for items too large to fit into containers, any cardboard you attempt to camouflage in bags or bins will be considered extra trash. This means it will all be subjected to “extra trash” fees and penalties, or it may not be collected at all.

You can always post your free boxes on a community classified ad site or social networking group, but it’s wise to consider the implications of broadcasting your address and living circumstances to the public. You may also find yourself spending more time trying to coordinate with people who contact you than you bargained for, creating a hassle when you’re already under the pressure of your project.

Moving, hoarding mitigation, clearing out a cluttered basement and anything in between can be physically and emotionally demanding work. The last thing you want to do is invest more time and energy into disposal than you do into managing the project as a whole. You also don’t want to find yourself missing a deadline or derailing your entire project due to a simple lack of quality waste management. In most cases, it’s more cost effective, and a better use of your time and energy, to work with a private hauler.

Greener, More Ethical Austin Cardboard Pickup Service

At Jiffy Junk, we understand that large-scale disposal is usually but a single aspect of a much larger, much more demanding job. You can’t outsource many tasks on your to-do list, but waste management can be handled by ethical, eco-conscious private haulers who understand the importance of environmental best practices.

Our extensively trained and highly knowledgeable removal technicians come to your home or place of business to provide not only cardboard pickup service, but full white-glove removal for just about anything you can imagine. Because we understand you have a full plate, we do all the work for you. We’ll break down your boxes and haul them away from where they sit, no need to haul them down to the curb or stack the flattened cardboard into a precarious tower. If you have other items to dispose of, we’ll make sure they’re ethically removed as well.

When we remove furniture and household goods, anything in usable condition is separated for transportation to local charitable donation centers. This keeps everything in the community for those in need, but it also keeps those items out of landfills. Anything we can’t donate, we recycle or seek out a sustainable disposal solution, which does not include the landfill whenever possible. Our entire business is built around providing the very best service with a laser focus on protecting the planet for future generations.

The goal of Jiffy Junk removal services is to leave your space as clean as your conscience, knowing your environmental footprint is smaller for choosing a service provider who strives to mitigate environmental impact across the board. Because we place just as high an importance on taking care of our clients, we work with your schedule and leave your space swept clean on the way out the door. No waiting for municipal pickup schedules, and no lingering dust bunnies. Just cardboard-free space, and guilt-free disposal.

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