Garbage Collection: NYC Rules for Appliances

Garbage Collection: NYC Rules for Appliances

How do you dispose of broken or unwanted appliances in a city as densely populated as New York City? DSNY does offer pickup services for appliance recycling, but you’ll have to make sure you’re in full compliance with numerous regulations first. Before you enlist a friend or two and start hauling an old appliance down to the curb, take some time to brush up on sanitation guidelines. Otherwise, you may find pickup day rolling by with your appliances still sitting at the curb. You can always hire the services of a junk removal company for every other need.

Appliance Garbage Collection, NYC Recycling Guidelines

While there are a few rules surrounding appliance garbage collection, NYC government has them in place for good reason. Disposed of improperly, many major appliances can pose an environmental risk. In addition to hazardous materials with the potential for contamination, your appliances also contain an array of recoverable materials.

Appliances containing any type of Freon are particularly sensitive, and complicated for the average citizen. If it’s an older refrigerator, air conditioner, dehumidifier or similar item containing refrigerant manufactured before 2010, it almost certainly uses a CFC being phased out due to environmental risks. Because it’s a dangerous substance, it must be removed carefully before the appliance is recycled, so you’ll need to leave it on the curb with the back facing the street after scheduling an appointment by calling 311. All hinges, doors and locks must be removed prior to curb placement as a safety precaution.

Newer refrigerated appliances aren’t without their risks, though. If you’re looking to discard a newer appliance that contains refrigerant, look for a warning sticker that indicates flammability. Appliances using the newer, less environmentally-hazardous refrigerant have yellow triangle stickers with black flames inside, and these cannot be picked up by DSNY at all.

If you’re purchasing a new appliance to replace an aging or broken model, it’s also a good idea to inquire about any recycling programs they may offer. Some retailers will offer pickup and removal services bundled with delivery installation, but this often comes at a higher cost if it’s even offered. You may be able to contact the manufacturer for guidance regarding disposal, but professional waste removal is often the only choice.

Getting Rid of Appliances the Easy Way

Jumping through these hoops can be overwhelming, especially if you’re not even sure how old an appliance is when you need disposal. Fortunately, there are ways to responsibly and ethically dispose of appliances you can no longer use without investing hours into research and appointment-setting.

Our Jiffy Junk technicians are experts in appliance removal and we take all the work out of disposal. There’s no need to injure yourself in an attempt to haul a heavy appliance down to the curb because we’ll do the hauling for you. We’ll come to all five boroughs, Nassau and Suffolk Counties, totally uninstall your old appliances, and haul them away for recycling. Our commitment to the environment is as strong as our commitment to our clients, so we make sure to adhere to best practices in appliance recycling. Don’t let appliance disposal become a drain on your energy.

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