How To Find The Best Furniture Removal Company & Some DIY Tips For You

How To Find The Best Furniture Removal Company & Some DIY Tips For You

How To Find The Best Furniture Removal Company explained by Jiffy Junk1

Whether you are moving houses or just getting rid of old junk, no question that it takes a toll both physically and mentally. Especially if furniture removal is a part of the process. Moving furniture is a vital process when moving out of a place.

You can simply move the furniture yourself with the help of a few friends and family members or hire the help of a furniture removal company. So what’s the best way to remove furniture from your house? Well, that depends on what your needs are. You may need to dispose of old furniture and you may not know all the disposal methods. 

If that’s the case then you can easily avail the help of a professional furniture removal service provider who can help you with the process. You can do it yourself however if you know the proper methods of old furniture disposal. 

Here in this blog, you will find the best way to find the best furniture removal company and some DIY tips for furniture removal. So first let’s take a look at the DIY tips you should be utilizing when removing furniture.

Plan Everything

Removing furniture may seem like an easy thing to do with you just calling some friends over and taking things out of the house. But trust me that’s not how you should do it. Going in without a plan will only ensure that more time is wasted. 

This is why you should look to streamline the process. Make up a plan for furniture removal. Make sure you have everything written down perfectly. Plan which furniture is getting out first and which one getting out last. 

Create the best pathway for taking the furniture out of the house. Also find out if all the furniture will fit through the doorways, hallways, and stairs. Planning everything from start to finish will mean that you face no hindrance when getting everything out of the house.

Have The Right Tools

Now when you are moving furniture you will need a lot of other things than just elbow grease. A host of different packaging materials and stationery will be needed. But you don’t have to worry about those as you can easily get them in your nearest hardware store. 

Having these items in your arsenal will ensure your household items and furniture remains unscathed when moving. So what do you need? Lifting straps, Shoulder dolly, Moving dolly, Packing tape, Packing wrap, Bubble wrap, Ropes, Ramps, Moving blankets are all things you should keep in the house when removing furniture. 

Make sure you have these items at hand to ensure that the journey from your house to the truck is seamless and injury-free. 

Wrapping It Up

When moving those big burly pieces of furniture it’s inevitable that you will bump or graze your floor or door. Now you don’t want your expensive furniture to get bumps, dents or scratches. To make sure that this doesn’t happen you should wrap everything up in two layers. 

How To Find The Best Furniture Removal Company explained by Jiffy Junk2

First, make sure you wrap things up in moving blankets and then bubble wrap. For additional protection, you can even get a door jamb protectors so that your doorways remain safe when you are moving. 


So carrying entire furniture pieces make no sense. You don’t really have to take out your furniture the way they sit in your house. You most probably put your furniture together when you brought it into your house. So there is no point in not disassembling it when taking it out of the house. 

You can easily take out the backs from recliners, unscrew shelves and pieces of bookcases and tables, take out small pieces from desk chairs and couches such as wheels and feet, and others. If you can remove something from the furniture then do it. Not only will it make the furniture lighter but it will also reduce the risk of damage.

Don’t Drag But Slide

Carrying and Dragging takes a lot of energy. You don’t always have to carry your furniture. In many cases, you can simply pick up one side of the furniture at an angle. Then slide a blanket or sheet underneath. 

Then you can just drag the furniture with the sheet. This saves so much energy you have no idea. But remember to drag it gently and make sure that there is nothing on the way.

Remove Door Stops

Most doors have stoppers to ensure that the doorknob doesn’t damage the walls. So make sure you remove them before starting to remove the furniture. This is because when moving things like couches, beds, or desks sometimes an inch of space factors in. 

This is why making sure you always have space is imperative for having a seamless time removing the furniture from your house.

Use The Ramp

If you are moving furniture then obviously they are going to be heavy. Now removing heavy things over a distance is nothing other than calling in an injury. If you have to lift heavy furniture into the truck then don’t. There have been plenty of times where people have injured themselves when lifting furniture into the back of a truck. 

This is why previously we included the ramp. You should obviously use it whenever removing furniture to avoid getting injured by picking something heavy. If you can then using a hydraulic lift is better than a ramp.

Ropes & Bungee Cord

This is more about after removing furniture but it is necessary. When you are filling your truck with the furniture and other valuables you should make sure that they are secured. 

How To Find The Best Furniture Removal Company explained by Jiffy Junk3

Tie everything down to the floor and make sure that when you drive things don’t get damaged. And to tie things down you need ropes and bungee cords. So make sure you take them when removing furniture.

Do Things In A Specific Order

So when you are moving houses you should do it in a certain order. What order should you remove things? Well, start by removing the smallest objects from your house. Then slowly move to bigger ones. Load up your truck this way. 

This is because removing other smaller stuff will give you ample space to maneuver when handling a big piece of furniture. With the smaller lighter objects out of the way, you will find no obstacles within the house and there are no chances of stumbling into something and breaking.

On top of that, when you load things small to big it makes the unloading part much easier on you. This is because when unloading getting the furniture into the house will make sure you have ample room to move around when setting the furniture down. This will also mean you can easily fit the furniture in place without worrying about any unkempt objects lying around. 

Call In A Professional

Now I know what you are thinking, you don’t want to waste money when you can have some friends come over and help you move your furniture. Well, the problem with this is that they are not professionals at furniture removal. 

When you call in a professional furniture removal service like Jiffy Junk you will see that the movers are doing things with the efficiency you can never expect from your friends. On top of that, perfectly securing,  wrapping and transporting your materials from one place to another can be done in a jiffy with the best furniture removal companies.  

Not only will your furniture be moved with haste but with the utmost precision and impeccable safety. But that’s all good and all but how do you find the best furniture removal company near you? Well, in the following passages you will find some important tips you should be following to determine which of them is the perfect furniture removal service provider perfect for you. So check out some basic tips for choosing a furniture removal company.

Tip 1

Well, you might be moving into an area with friends and family or maybe you are moving for the first time. So it’s quite understandable that you might not have knowledge about the best junk removal company near you. 

This is why you should ask for recommendations. Start by asking your friends and family. Some of them have moved and they will be able to give you some good recommendations. Or if you are new just simply go to online local listings or forums and see what the online community says. You can even ask for recommendations there.

Tip 2

Research is key in this matter. If you think you have the perfect furniture removal company I would still suggest you put in some time before booking them. Research well, find out if the deas they are offering is fairly priced or not. 

Often times some offers seem too good to be true trust me they are the ones you should be looking into more intently. Looking up their google reviews and website along with their advertisement will give you a good enough idea about the professionalism of the company. So make sure you put in some research so that you don’t suffer later. 

Tip 3

Companies that have insurance on the services they offer are the best furniture removal companies. While professional moving companies do not break or damage stuff usually accidents can and do happen. So if by any chance your product gets damaged you will have full protection for the furniture if your furniture removal company is insured properly. 

There are companies out there that offer insured services as an additional service while plenty offers it within their regular services. So make sure you find out and use the one that fits your needs perfectly.

Tip 4

When choosing your furniture removal company you should always make sure you vet the company properly. This means a thorough questioning from you. Make sure that you leave no stones unturned. Asking all your questions will help you understand the capability of the furniture removal company and their professionalism. 

How To Find The Best Furniture Removal Company explained by Jiffy Junk4

But remember even if you seem to find the best match in the first try I would suggest you go and look at other companies. Get a bunch of different quotes from a bunch of different companies and then judge which service provides the best value. 

Tip 5

Like everything else online you will eventually stumble into services that seem too good to be true. Trust me most are. Remember the main objective here is to attain value, not the cheapest service. 

Even if you are on a budget I would suggest you to not go for a cheap solution. Remember, even if you are paying a bit more you will get a serene peace of mind knowing the utmost professionals are handling your furniture.

Find Out Additional Services

When you are finalizing your furniture removal company make sure you checkout if they offer other services that you need. Most of the time they do. And getting services in bulk will not only help you establish as an invaluable customer but also make it a bargain. 

Sometimes companies offer special discounts to customers who take up services in bulk. Take Jiffy Junk, for example, we will not only help you with furniture removal and relocation but also help you in hauling your junk away

On top of that, if you have an estate that needs clearing out then we are there for you. There you go these are some things you needed to know about furniture removal. So make sure that when you are choosing a junk removal company or furniture hauling or removal company you take a look at those tips. Or if you are planning on removing the furniture on your own then you can simply follow the DIY tips. 

But as you know very well doing it on your own isn’t always possible. This is where Jiffy Junk lends a helping hand. So give us a call or let us know your junk removing troubles. Till then Seeya!

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