Boat Removal Needed? Challenge Accepted!

Boat Removal Needed? Challenge Accepted!

Boat Removal Needed? Challenge Accepted!


Boat Removal, from your backyard or from the marina, presents a unique disposal challenge. Don’t risk the added expense of salvage or environmental damage.


Why Risk Environmental Damage and Fines?


That same boat that brought so much joy and recreation to your family is now costing you too much in marina fees and storage. Your family will always have the memories out on the lake or on the bay with your boat, but now it has out lived its usefulness. Like a summer love that doesn’t meet your life’s plans, it has come to the end of its lifespan.

As it sits there by the dock, you often wonder how it stays afloat. Will you one day go there only to hear your old treasure is now at the bottom and you must pay for salvage and disposal? Do you fear the repercussions to the environment of the engine oil, solvents, gasoline and battery acid will cause? If not, you may be living in a dream world and your bubble might burst without prompt boat removal.

Maybe you believe your boat still has value, but your previous attempts to sell it have not found any anxious buyers. Maybe it’s time to call in the boat removal experts at Jiffy Junk to end the recurring fees and relieve you of the salvage nightmares.


Expert Boat Removal to Rid Your Backyard of That Eyesore


Perhaps, you foresaw the additional expense of keeping your boat at the marina and moved it into the backyard. Wise move! Now, it is no longer the marina fees, but the constant nagging eyesore in your backyard that is the problem. It has become a struggle to mow around it. Additionally, it is a safety hazard both to the environment and the children who consider it a playground.

Plus, who knows what is leaking from that old engine into the ground? Once again the nightmares of environmental damage are causing you lost sleep. Although your concerns for the children’s safety and possible damage to the environment nag at your conscience, the thought of junking that old relic is causing you even more stress.

Maybe you never got to use the boat. Maybe it was a restoration project that you just never got around to doing. Whatever the size of the boat or working condition, we can safely remove your boat from its present location at a price you can afford. In addition, we will do all the clean-up of engine oil, gasoline, or other harmful residues on the boat at no additional expense. We can even clear your title with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), if necessary.

It doesn’t matter to our team if it is on a trailer or not, inboard or outboard, or even no engine at all. The price we quote is the price you pay. Why not relieve all that stress and concern and have a professional boat removal service remove the boat and your worries?

Call the boat removal experts at Jiffy Junk toll-free 844-JIFFY-NOW | (844) 543-3966, or use our contact form.

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