Less Junk, More Happiness – Mental Benefits of Junk Removal

Less Junk, More Happiness – Mental Benefits of Junk Removal

Is the “less is more” concept correct? Whether it’s how you speak, conduct business, or style your clothes, a lot of people say that it helps to not go overboard. After all, there is beauty in simplicity. Remember, this statement can also apply to the things hanging around in your life. Too many material possessions can result in clutter. Unfortunately, a cluttered space equates to a chaotic frame of mind. If you truly want to find happiness, it is time to conduct a purge and junk removal process to ensure your environment will not encroach on your peace of mind.

Sadly, today’s materialistic culture dictates that you need to buy stuff to become happy. Hence, you feel compelled to follow the newest trends or partake of the latest promotions. People become stuck buying things that they don’t need or even want. However, many forget that genuine happiness that stems from the soul can never be found in material possessions. Buying things won’t ever fill that void in your life. In fact, the opposite happens when you let objects rule and dominate your life. If you’re not convinced, let’s dive in deeper to see why you hoard and what junk removal and a total purge can do for boosting your quality of life.

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Why Do People Hoard Possessions?

People stockpile random objects from unused furniture to tons of lipsticks. Should you feel paralyzed by this kind of situation and have no clue what to do, you can call a junk removal specialist. For example, Jiffy Junk team can help you sort through your clutter, safely dispose of things, and organize everything else. If this bad habit plagues your life, you can feel unsure about what to do. Calling an objective partner to help you sort through your stuff can help you simplify your life. Should you feel baffled how clutter crept into your life, the following could be the reasons:

Suckering Up to Sales

Maybe you’re one of those people who can’t say no to sales. All sorts of promotions lure you into buying something even if you don’t need it. If you have shopaholic tendencies, assess your life. What is the root cause of your issue? You may be buying things to cover up something, so you use the temporary shopping high to make you feel good. Thus, you need to learn to:

  • Separate your essential needs from mere wants.
  • Curb your hoarding and spending. 
  • Create a budget and stick to it. 
  • Do routine cleaning and purging for maintenance. 

Lacking Home Organization Skills

You may also seriously lack home organization and management skills. Perhaps you feel clueless about where to put your stuff. After buying trinkets, decors, and whatnot, you have no idea how to use them for your interiors. Hence, you end up stowing them in the attic or basement because you lack the interior design skills to make them look appealing. Soon, before you know it, you’ve got tons of crap in storage that’s burgeoning at the seams, and you need junk removal intervention.

Keeping Up With Trends

Fashion and trends change every season. If you’re the type who likes to be forever updated, naturally you’d accumulate a lot of things. Unfortunately, should you continue with this behavior, you will run out of storage space. And that’s a fact! To make space, you can try the following:

  • Sort your things meticulously.
  • Donate stuff to charity.
  • Give to friends who need it.
  • Sell what you can online.
  • Hold a garage sale.

Feeling Misplaced Sentiments

When you form attachments with objects, you will struggle to part with them even if they no longer have a purpose in your life. This misplaced sense of sentimentality shall be your downfall because your possessions will overtake your life. If you dislike tossing things because you believe you can use them again one day, you are on a slippery slope. Remember, when you haven’t used something for six months or longer, it means you can live without it. If you find yourself stuck in this scenario, stop making flimsy reasons and excuses. After all, memories live in the mind and heart and not in inanimate objects. You need to take action and consider junk removal before you get buried alive by your things. 


Benefits of Junk Removal

When you buy things that you want, it can make you happy, but only up to a certain extent. Material possessions do increase your dopamine and endorphins (happy hormones) but only temporarily. It can only provide short-term joyful feelings. Hence, some people keep on shopping to ensure they maintain their endorphin levels. However, this is unsustainable as you just waste money, you clutter your space, and you don’t truly satisfy your heart’s desires. For this reason, the saying “money can never buy happiness” holds. 

Remember, when you buy things, you buy them with the time which you used to earn the money. As such, you need to be wise about your expenses because time is a precious commodity that you can never get back. Instead of hoarding stuff that you don’t need, which will potentially end in your junk removal list, be conscious of your spending habits. Go for quality over quantity, as this assures longevity and durability. You must learn to evaluate your priorities and cut out unnecessary stuff that only weighs you down. To help you get started, take a look at these junk removal perks that allow you to make space for what truly matters. In turn, doing so allows you to be genuinely happy for the long haul. 

Spending Less Means You Save More

Take an in-depth look at your budget. When you can truly prioritize your needs versus wants, you regain control. In turn, this makes you feel more confident and happy with your choices. Before you buy anything, ask yourself if you truly need it and can’t live without it. If an item only brings temporary joy, let it go. Once you develop a good habit of responsible spending, you can save money and ensure clutter will stay out of your life. 

Discarding Things Gifts You More Time 

When you have an abundance of things, you need to take time to dust and organize them regularly. Otherwise, they will attract dust bunnies and other creepy crawlies. Hence, when you focus on junk removal and organization, you free up your time. Most of all, when you curb the habit of buying more things, it allows you to focus on experiences, instead. In the end, you will use your money wisely on activities and meaningful things that evoke a true sense of joy. 

Letting Go Equates to Reorganizing Life

When you purge your basement, attic, closets, and drawers, you free up space. It also gives you a chance to reorganize your remaining things. Remember, a cleaner house translates to a beautiful, serene space. When you improve the appearance of your home through junk removal, you do wonders for your mental health. To help you out, start with one room at a time. Purge old carpets, appliances, clothes, shoes, etc. Doing this assures, you get a fresh start on a clean slate.

Lightening the Nerve-Wracking Stressors

Letting go of junk will lift a huge burden off you. Hard as it is to imagine, the sad truth is possessions weigh people down. Amassing things adds undue stress in your life, especially when you get into credit card debt to buy things you don’t even need. When you kick this bad habit to the curb, you can lessen your stress. You will realize that doing so gives you a lot of freedom and happiness. 

Paving the Way for Spiritual Connection

When you let things spiral out of control, you create a spiritual disconnect. Why? Because your mind bears the brunt of all your worldly, ephemeral possessions. If you want a calmer mind, you need to start purging non-essentials and get back to your true core. Minimalism will help enforce spirituality as your mind tackles fewer objects. Hence, your brain becomes clearer, and a spiritual awareness ensues. This allows you to maintain balance and regain inner strength. Thus, when bad things happen, you can gracefully roll with life’s punches. Learning to be content with what you have assures you can focus on aspects that bring true joy, peace, and happiness. 

Breaking Free From Toxic Materialism

Sadly, the world has a more, more, more mentality. People no longer feel satisfied with the simple joys of life. Both adults and kids feel compelled to buy the latest and trendiest things. They just have to keep up with whatever they see on social media or their neighbors. Sadly, this mentality creates stress as bills pile up. Without knowing it, you may have become a victim of this toxic culture. Your material possessions keep you in a shackle, making you paralyzed because you never feel contentment and satisfaction. If you want to break free from this toxicity, you need to purge and conduct junk removal. Once you feel what it’s like to live a simpler lifestyle, you will find true happiness and harmony. You’d never want to go back to how it was before. 


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Tips to Prevent Junk From Invading Your Life

After you’ve freed up your space, you will feel lighter and saner. However, you must work hard to ascertain that you never go back to your hoarding habits. It only takes a few weeks for new stuff to infiltrate your space again. Thus, you must do everything in your power to make sure your home stays squeakily neat and clean. Follow these top tips diligently to maintain order and cleanliness:

1. Write Down a Schedule

You need a contract with yourself. Begin by writing down a regular cleaning schedule for all the areas in your home. Tape this in your fridge to keep you motivated. Besides, when the rest of your family can see it, you will feel ashamed to deviate from the list. It holds you accountable, thereby ensuring your house will never become a disorganized mess. 

2. Put Up Ample Storage Spaces

Most people feel lazy to clean because they don’t have anywhere to put their things. After purging, make sure you have ample storage so everything will have a proper place. Buy dual-purpose furniture, like: 

  • Ottoman storage boxes
  • Extra shelving
  • Drawer organizers
  • Under the bed caddies
  • Baskets and bins

3. Keep Cleaning Supplies on Hand

Sometimes, you feel lazy to clean and organize your things because you don’t have the materials to do so. Keep cleaning supplies under your sink. Buy dust busters, glass cleaners, and the like. With these items on hand, you can make sure your home is spic and span.

4. Conduct Quarterly Spring Cleaning 

Aside from your normal cleaning routine, you need to do a major spring cleaning quarterly. This habit ensures that your things don’t pile up. Remember, regular organization means you won’t have to face a huge mess. Careful maintenance remains crucial in keeping a clean and happy home.

5. Curb the Need for Non-Essential Spending

Aside from your normal cleaning routine, you need to do a major spring cleaning quarterly. This habit ensures that your things don’t pile up. Remember, regular organization means you won’t have to face a huge mess. Careful maintenance remains crucial in keeping a clean and happy home.

Final Wrap Up

Happiness is an inside job. It is something you will never get from buying so many things. In fact, material possessions will only weigh you down. They also magnify how miserable you truly feel. If you want to live a happy, purpose-driven life, start by staying organized. Should you need help, call us at Jiffy Junk because we’ll gladly help you sort through your stuff that no longer sparks joy.

At Jiffy Junk, we have personally witnessed how families have been torn apart by hoarding issues. Honestly, junk removal services are not mere vanity but a necessity. When your clutter erodes good relationships, it is time to let them go. If your kids feel embarrassed to invite friends over or if your neighbors no longer want to visit your house because they feel uncomfortable in your messy home, then you need to evaluate your situation. Too much clutter can even result in injuries because there’s no clean, safe space to move around. Furthermore, all the junk is extreme fire hazards.

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