Rubbish Removal: Brooklyn Cleanup Assistance

Rubbish Removal: Brooklyn Cleanup Assistance


It was in the news just a few short months ago.

The Department of Sanitation (DOS) implemented new garbage trucks with separate compactors for recyclable items and regular household garbage. Sounded like a good system until the realization hit that there wasn’t enough space left for any bulky trash items. And that’s how the problem started.


Bulky Items


That pile of garbage might seem like it’s bulk trash all on its own, but there are specifics. Basically, it’s what does not fit in your trash receptacle, which is generally anything bigger than four by three feet. Most of these items are heavy and awkward to move. Some examples of bulk trash items are:

  • Appliances, both large and small—like washers, dryers and microwaves.
  • Construction waste: sheetrock, wood, porcelain and the like.
  • Furniture: desks, couches, chairs, mattresses, tables, etc.


Let’s Talk Trash


New York City (including Brooklyn) has a lot of citizens. It’s a busy city. The high population contributes to the amount of trash collected daily: 12,000 tons to be exact. It’s a daunting, dirty task and the new trucks weren’t ready to accommodate all bulk pick-ups. Frustrated residents called the DOS, which logged more than 760 missed pick-up complaints. How many went “unlogged,” nobody knows.

With a system that wasn’t working, it became obvious that there was a big issue with rubbish removal. Brooklyn residents already hauled it out to the curb. Who has the time and energy to secure transportation, separate out recyclables, and get it done fast?


Unsanitary Conditions


Bulk trash, or really ANY trash, left out on the curb creates sanitation issues. Trash attracts rodents, bugs and stray animals. Leaving it out to weather the elements only turns it into a rotting, smelly heap in the worst of circumstances. Letting it sit on the curb to marinate was not an option.


Help with Rubbish Removal: Brooklyn Approved


With regular pick-ups not being made, it became even more burdensome to get some projects completed. If they can’t pick up what’s already there, then completing any clean-up project seemed to take the back burner. The situation has improved, but it’s good to know that there are pick-up services you can rely on.


Out of Crisis


With the trash situation under control, there are still factors that contribute to having an excess. Having an estate sale, replacing carpeting or tiles, or simply needing to dispose of furniture all come to mind. The hardest part is hauling it all out of the house, which is where having a personalized trash service can be of benefit. Professionals not only haul it out of your house, but they also donate what is salvageable and properly recycle items according to law.

If you have some items you need hauled away, it’s faster and more efficient to call a junk hauling service, like Jiffy Junk. Not only can we help you with what’s on the curb, but we can also provide garage, attic and yard-cleaning services to help enhance your space. Check us out and get a free estimate!


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