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When Debris Grows in Brooklyn, Call Jiffy Junk

You like to keep things tidy, and prefer lots of elbow room. Feng shui is the order of the day for you, a minimalist at heart. Still, it’s hard not to accumulate a few things along the way, so at some point you need to just let go.

Sometimes the difference between trash and treasure is simply how much space you need. We feel you at Jiffy Junk, and are ready to help once you’ve decided what needs to go.

We’ll Find Adoptive Parents for Your Old Stuff

When your home or office gets too cluttered for your taste, or you just have other plans for the space, we’ll do more than just get it out of your hair. We’ll find a new heir, so to speak. Jiffy Junk will donate any unwanted goods you request.

A lot of those old things need to be disposed of in an environmentally responsible way. That’s important to us, and we know it is to you too. You like to keep your planet tidy just like your home. To that end, we pledge to always recycle all eligible materials.

If you’d like to extend your cleanup project, we also provide garage, attic and yard cleaning services. Give your Brooklyn home the once-over, inside and out, without lifting a finger except to call us. Or simply book us online.

We charge only for the work your project requires. We’ll provide you with a free estimate, using our volume pricing policy, to make your home or office cleanout affordable. For ongoing construction work, we also offer our debris cleanup service. We will clean your jobsite daily, or as needed to keep your remodel moving along.

A Brooklyn Hauling Service You Can Trust

So whatever cleaning or hauling it takes to bring order and serenity to your living or workspace, call Jiffy Junk to make it happen. Say goodbye to your old carpet, bid adieu to the fridge, and adios amigo to the sofa. Call (631) 907-6200 and say, “Hello, Jiffy Junk!”

Jiffy Junk When Debris Grows in Brooklyn, Call Jiffy Junk
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