The Hidden Cost of Cheap Trash Removal in Broward County

The Hidden Cost of Cheap Trash Removal in Broward County


When you have a pile of unwanted items, construction debris or anything you can’t fit in the weekly pickup bin, your first instinct may be to seek out the first cheap trash removal solution you can find. Before you choose the path that’s least expensive, though, it pays to consider all the hidden costs of cut-rate private waste hauling.


How Cheap Trash Removal Goes Wrong


Once per month, Solid Waste and Recycling Services of Broward County provides free bulk item pickup for area customers. On these monthly collection days, residents are encouraged to leave couches, chairs and other furniture, appliances, carpeting and padding or even some lawn waste out for removal.

While this can be an ideal option when you have very little to dispose of and aren’t on a tight schedule, there are some limitations that make it a less efficient or effective choice for moderate- to large-scale projects. 

Because debris from construction and remodeling work is not accepted, including bricks or concrete, residents working on home improvement projects that involve construction are immediately limited in what they can get rid of via municipal bulk waste pickup. As waste begins to pile up around a worksite, however, it quickly becomes a safety hazard and potential liability. When the people working on your home are tripping over discarded waste, a cheap trash removal solution can look very appealing. What you may not realize is that discount haulers aren’t always a better value. In addition to providing limited services, there are no guarantees the things you’ve put aside won’t end up in the landfill.

What you may not realize is that discount haulers aren’t always a better value. In addition to providing limited services, there are no guarantees the things you’ve put aside won’t end up in the landfill.

Anyone with a truck can start picking up trash that Broward County Solid Waste and Recycling Services leaves behind. Many private haulers simply work to dispose of waste as quickly as possible while meeting the bare minimum set forth by state, local and federal law for recycling and ethical disposal. The vast majority of what’s picked up by a discount hauler and Broward County municipal services will be taken directly to the local landfill. This means not only are discount haulers often a less-than-ethical choice when it comes to environmental concerns, so are municipal bulk pickup services. When you’re dedicated to doing your part for the planet, there’s a good chance neither of these options will meet your standards. This especially holds true when you stop to consider the state of the local landfill and how rapidly it is approaching full capacity as Broward County residents continue to send their unwanted household goods, castoff belongings and household waste there.

Towering 225 feet over a site between Coconut Creek and Deerfield Beach, Monarch Hill Renewable Energy Park is better known to area residents as “Mount Trashmore.” This enormous landfill is nearing capacity, and every load of waste dropped off by an unscrupulous waste hauler contributes to the problem. Often, even items in usable condition find their way to Monarch Hill, rather than staying in the community where they can be of some use. Effectively, this means two opportunities are lost with each usable item sent to Monarch Hill; the opportunity to help those in need and the opportunity to minimize landfill impact.

As the only place in the entirety of Broward County which accepts household waste and sludge, Monarch Hill Renewable Energy Park has a single 23-acre section remaining that is permitted to receive trash and debris. Once this area is full, there will be no space left to accept waste without knocking down nearby buildings. Local officials estimate the entire landfill will be filled to capacity by 2035. High hurricane activity over the course of those years could slash the remaining lifespan of Mount Trashmore as a waste-receiving landfill by half.


Cost-Effective Alternatives to “Cheap” Trash Removal


At Jiffy Junk, we understand the value of both your money and your time. Our expert removal technicians work hard to provide the very best in white-glove, full-service junk removal anywhere in Broward County. Rather than insisting you drag items outside or down to the curb for pickup, we’ll come into your home or place of business to remove just about anything you no longer need or want. Anything in usable condition is immediately separated and marked for transport to a local charitable donation center, while everything else is recycled whenever possible.

By minimizing our own landfill contributions, we’re able to pass along a smaller footprint to our clients. Because we strive to exceed customer expectations, we’ll do the hard work and heavy lifting for you. Jiffy Junk service providers don’t just haul old carpeting away; we’ll pull it and the pad up for you as part of our removal service. We’ll uninstall heavy appliances and haul them away, and best of all, we do it on your schedule.

You can’t always plan your projects around the once-per-month schedule set forth by the city, especially if you’re moving or working to close the estate of a loved one. These project and others like them come with firm deadlines, so we make a point of working around your schedule to find the best possible pickup windows for you and the rest of our clients.

Don’t let a large waste pile and a big project get you down; Jiffy Junk is here to help. Our dedication to the environment, paired with our commitment to providing our clients with exceptional service, means you don’t have to worry about the ethical implications of your project or the strain of hauling heavy items yourself. Call us today to learn more about the services we provide and to schedule an appointment. We’ll leave your space swept clean and free of dirt, debris, and lingering dust bunnies. You’ll be left with a clean space and a clean conscience, ready for whatever you’ve got planned without the worry of ethical bulk waste disposal. In the end, full-service waste removal is often a better value for the money and provides better peace of mind than many cheap trash removal service providers.

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