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Broward County Junk Disposal Company Picks Up Recycling

December 4, 2018.

Are you working to help the state of Florida increase recycling rates to 75% by 2020? If so, finding yourself in the position of overseeing a large cleanup, remodeling or estate management project can seem a bit tricky. Whether you’re trying to coordinate the final cleanout and settlement of an estate, working to clean up a hoarding situation or trying to get more space in the garage, you’re likely to generate quite a bit of waste along the way. These jobs are time-consuming and labor-intensive enough; adding the extra steps of sorting and hauling recyclable waste can make them almost unmanageable. Fortunately, it’s possible to find a high-quality junk disposal company that approaches its work from a more ethical, earth-friendly position.

Why Do I Want a Junk Disposal Company That Recycles?

Even if you do your best to sort recyclable waste and contribute to greener disposal initiatives, you may be willing to make an exception to your general ecological principles when you’re facing a big job likely to generate lots of waste. After all, why add more to your already overcrowded plate? Getting rid of more than household waste is already a demanding job, so it doesn’t always feel like there’s room for both practicality and principle. In the end, it often feels like you can have either a clean space and a heavy conscience, or a clear heart and a waste-filled space.

When you take a step back to look at the bigger picture, though, the importance of taking a greener approach becomes more apparent. Florida generates more than 37 million tons of solid waste per year on the municipal level alone, a figure which doesn’t include agricultural, mining and industrial waste, and the state isn’t likely to reach its goalof recycling 75% of waste (by weight) by 2020. This means recoverable, reusable and potentially hazardous waste is being tossed into landfills or incinerated at a staggering rate; an average of two tons of waste per resident each year, as opposed to the national average of one annual ton per resident. This is where a junk hauling company that works to mitigate its landfill impact can help you make more ethical decisions, even when the job at hand is large and complicated.

Working to manage the waste generated by a large-scale cleaning project, home renovation or storm cleanup when you’re hauling everything yourself is an enormous task; it’s often not feasible to add recycling and donation drop-off to your to-do list. DIY hauling means you’ll also need access to a truck; by the time you incur rental and insurance fees, along with fueling costs and recycling fees, you’re looking at a significant investment of money, time, effort and manual labor. Municipal services for bulk item and special waste disposal do exist, but they often come with a host of restrictions and can require an appointment. When you’re on a tight deadline, you may not be able to wait for municipal programs, which may or may not recycle the items they pick up anyway. Working with a greener removal company allows you to eliminate the manual and emotional labor completely, all with a single phone call.

Working with a professional, full-service junk hauling company with a strong commitment to environmental best practices allows you to cut your work load down significantly while ensuring an ethical disposal solution. When you no longer have to worry about separating, sorting, loading and hauling waste to multiple recycling drop-off or donation centers, you’re free to focus more of your time and energy on other aspects of the job at hand. When you trust the junk hauling company you’ve chosen, you’re free to do so with a clear conscience.

How to Find the Right Junk Hauling Company in Broward County

Every junk hauling company is different, but many get rid of the things they pick up by simply dropping them at the nearest landfill or doing just enough to comply with minimum legal requirements. Valuable and recoverable materials contained in those truckloads go to waste, and any hazardous chemicals they contain can potentially contaminate the environment. Out of sight doesn’t always mean out of mind, though, as evidenced by the strong push for recycling initiatives throughout Florida. More and more, people are starting to understand the impact of a reckless attitude towards waste.

We take these environmental goals seriously, because they’re built into our philosophy as a company. At Jiffy Junk, we make a point of sending everything we can to recycling centers, even seeking out solutions municipal waste management systems may not use. Anything in usable condition is taken to charity donation centers, where items get a second chance at life while helping to support the community.

Best of all, we offer these ethical disposal services as part of our white-glove service promise. We remove waste from where it lies, even uninstalling old appliances and leaving rooms swept clean and free of cobwebs in our wake. You never have to worry about hauling waste down to the curb, wrangling with municipal special pickup programs or being concerned about where it will end up when it’s all said and done. You also don’t have to prioritize what’s reasonable over what feels right, because it’s easy and ethical to work with dedicated professionals. Our experienced and knowledgeable collection technicians will come to your home or place of business to remove anything you no longer need or want, with no job too large or too small.

Big projects come with plenty of things to worry about; your environmental impact doesn’t have to be one of them. If you’re facing a big cleanup, need to manage the waste from home renovation and extensive repairs or just about anything else you can imagine, we’re here to offer the very best in eco-friendly, white glove junk hauling. Don’t let a demanding project spiral out of control; call today or book our junk removal service online today to get rid of everything you need removed with a single, high-quality service provider.

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