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Choosing the Best Junk Removal Company for Your Needs in Palm Beach County

March 13, 2020.

When you’re in the middle of a big project, the last thing you want to think about is how to manage all your trash. Still, cleaning and organization projects, home renovations, preparing for a big move and even managing the painful work of closing a loved one’s estate all demand planning for waste management. This particularly holds true for residents of Palm Beach County, where changes to bulk disposal regulations and county ordinances make it more difficult than ever to secure timely disposal for unwanted items.

When you’ve got more to throw away than you can fit in a curbside bin, there are three primary options: working within the municipal framework, hauling it all away yourself or working to find the best junk removal company suited to your needs. When you have a clear understanding of all these options, it’s much easier and less stressful to choose the right solution for your unique needs.

What’s Best: Junk Removal Company, DIY Hauling or Municipal Bulk Collection?

Not so long ago, municipal waste management in Palm Beach County was easy to navigate and opportunities were plentiful. In October of 2019, however, ordinance changes effectively halved the number of bulk pickup days and imposed a host of new rules on those that remain.

Now, residents of unincorporated Palm Beach County have access to these services one day per week. No more than three large items may be placed at the curb before 6am on collection day, and must be clear of any low-hanging branches, power lines, fire hydrants, utility meters and stationary objects. Doors of all appliances must be removed before they’re placed out for collection in order to prevent children from becoming trapped inside, and any glass must be broken and containerized. No more than two cubic feet of construction and demolition waste can be placed out on a single collection day, and any tree branches must be cut to pieces smaller than six feet long.

For residents, this means not only working to fit your pressing schedule around that of the Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County, but also doing plenty of manual labor. Dragging heavy items down to the curb, taking a chainsaw to lengthy tree branches and removing appliance doors is all hard work. Unfortunately, there is no infrastructure in place to accommodate those who may be physically incapable of such demanding tasks.

There’s also the environmental angle to consider. While it’s everyone’s responsibility to help protect the planet for future generations, the majority of what’s collected on bulk pickup day will make its way directly to the nearest landfill. Even furniture and household items in usable condition are whisked away to the dump, when they could be aiding the less fortunate and minimizing environmental burden through donation. Much like full-service removal for residents who cannot manage the physical work of hauling items down to the curb, there is also no infrastructure in place to divert serviceable items to donation centers.

Life doesn’t always adhere to the county’s schedule, so you may find yourself in need of junk removal before the next available collection day. This, paired with the restrictions surrounding municipal collection, may make the prospect of handling waste yourself a bit more appealing. While it’s true you’ll have more control over when your waste is removed and where it ends up when it’s all said and done, this leaves you in charge of a significant amount of work.

Unless you have access to a vehicle suitable to the task, you’ll also be on the hook for a host of rental, insurance, fueling and administrative costs associated with renting a truck. You’ll also have to deal with processing fees at some drop-off locations and you are solely responsible for all the heavy lifting. Managing waste means plotting the most efficient route when you’ll likely need to make multiple trips to more than one location. This means investing no small amount of time, effort and energy into simply planning for hauling waste, not to mention the time demands of the work itself. In the end, it can take longer than waiting for a hauling day, and requires exponentially more labor to get the job done.

This leaves you with one remaining option, working with a professional hauler. Choosing the best junk removal company is as easy as comparing your principles and standards with those of a service provider. Do they share your commitment to doing what’s right for the environment? Do they provide full-service removal so you don’t have to lift or drag heavy items while also trying to coordinate the rest of your project? Asking these questions can simplify the task of choosing a hauler almost immediately.

Quick, Easy and Stress-Free Junk Removal in Palm Beach County

At Jiffy Junk, we understand that getting rid of large items is a major pain. We also know just how demanding the task can be, and the potential for environmental impact along the way.

When we come to your home or place of business to help manage waste, we take a different approach than you may expect. We’ll remove just about anything you can imagine, and we’ll prioritize sustainable practices every step of the way. Items in usable condition are immediately separated for delivery to local donation centers. If we can’t donate it, we seek out disposal solutions which do not include the landfill whenever possible.

Our white-glove promise means we’ll always do all the lifting, so you’re free to save your back while focusing on all the other items on your to-do list. Our experienced and knowledgeable removal technicians will even uninstall old appliances, remove furniture from where it sits and tear out old carpeting, so you never have to lift a finger for waste management. When everything is removed, we’ll even sweep up any cobwebs and dust bunnies so you’re ready for whatever comes next.

Call us today to learn more about our sustainable approach to disposal, our dedication to customer service excellence and all the ways we can help simplify even the most demanding project.


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