How Much Does Furniture Removal Cost?

How Much Does Furniture Removal Cost? 

Furniture removal is inevitable since household goods don’t last forever. There will come a time in your life when you will need to get rid of that old furniture. Your bed, couch, dining table, side table, and others will eventually wear out. If they don’t, your taste for them may certainly change.

Home furnishings are some of the hardest types of junk to remove, simply because they’re big and bulky. Some require the strength of multiple people to haul it away. You need careful planning if you want to dispose of your furniture successfully and efficiently.

Our comprehensive junk removal services provide a hassle-free solution for clearing out not only old furniture but also construction debris, old carpets, appliances, and any other unwanted items cluttering your space. In addition to traditional furniture removal, we take pride in our commitment to sustainability with our eco-friendly furniture removal service, ensuring that your old furniture finds a second life through recycling, reducing waste, and supporting charitable organizations.

Disadvantages of Holding on to Old Furniture

Many people put off furniture removal for as long as possible by storing their furniture away in their garage or attic. If you’re lucky enough to have the space for those big items, you may find yourself hoarding unnecessary furnishings. Before you know it, your storage rooms are filled to the brim.

There are a lot of downsides to holding on to old furniture, but here are our top four:

They Collect Dust

Anything that’s just sitting idly in your home is a refuge for dust. Furniture is a big offender in the dust department because there are a lot of nooks and crannies for it to settle in. If you have furniture pieces that are ornate and have carved details, it might almost seem like these fine particles are multiplying – and fast!

If you have respiratory problems or allergies and you don’t know why you’ve been having a bout of the sniffles, it’s probably due to these old and useless collector items.


Some Furniture Pieces Have an Off-Gassing Effect

Have you ever noticed a strong chemical smell coming from a newly unboxed mattress? That’s what we call ‘off-gassing’. Some types of foam, found particularly in mattresses, constantly emit gas into the air, which we end up breathing. Once the item is laid out and unwrapped, the odor somewhat dissipates, but don’t be fooled – it’s still there!

The paint on old furniture might also have the same effect.


They Take Up a Lot of Space

Imagine all that space you can free up by simply calling for furniture removal. Once  it’s all cleared out, you have room for more important things. You might even be able to put up that garage work area you’ve been dreaming of.


They Induce Stress

This is backed by reputable studies – too much clutter increases stress levels. So, do yourself a favor and get rid of the things that are no longer needed in your home – old furniture is a great place to start.


Furniture Removal Options

When you look up ways to get rid of old furniture, you’ll come across a variety of options. The best one is most definitely the most convenient and planet friendly. Take a look at the following:


Curbside Pickup

The city has a schedule for curbside pickup – check the schedule for your location to plan accordingly. They can pick up items like sofas and mattresses. It won’t cost you money but you should know that the city will send the old furniture directly to a landfill.

If you’re trying to reduce environmental impact, this option is a no-go. Your item could have been re-used or recycled!


Charity/Thrift Shops

If you choose to make the move yourself, thrift shops like Value Village or the Salvation Army, will welcome you with open arms. Although they won’t physically pick up your furniture themselves, they will accept anything, within reason, of course. The downside here is hauling that old furniture away yourself. We’re talking about renting a van or small truck, carrying the heavy item into and unloading it out of the truck. This option is a potential back-breaker.


Sell It Online

When you’re looking to make a few bucks, just take some photos and upload your item to CraigsList or another similar site. The downside? Lot’s more work on your part, and hey – no one wants to have to deal with a bunch of strangers coming over to see the furniture, and then not buy it.

You’ll also need to figure out how/if the buyer will be picking up their purchase – you certainly don’t want to be the one to deliver it.


Sell to Consignment Stores

This is only good for furniture that is still in great condition. If it sells, you get a portion of the revenue.  For some stores however, if your items don’t sell within a specified term, you may have to pick it up and bring it back home. This option is another potential backbreaker AND stress inducer. No one wants to worry about their old furniture possibly making a comeback!


Junk Removal Services

We want to make sure the process is both easy and meaningful for you. Our services include distribution for  recycling whenever possible. If your item can be sent off to a charity organization – it will be. We make it simple by picking your items up at a time that’s convenient for you, with no effort on your part.

In addition to furniture, we also pick up construction debris, old carpets, appliances, and any other junk you can think of.


Average Cost of Furniture Removal

Cost of furniture removal is, well, very dependent on the items you’re getting rid of. There’s so much that goes into providing a quote for our customers. Cookie cutter prices would be unfair – maybe your item is lighter or perhaps it’s in a convenient spot for removal. These and other factors are all taken into consideration to offer you a quote that’s fair and reasonable for the services you’re being provided.

Here are the things we take into account and how they can affect the price of having your furniture removed.



What’s being hauled away? How many items are included in your request, and how many people will it take to haul away? We’ll evaluate the furniture removal request and take into account the number of items as well as the amount of removal specialists required for the job.



How bulky a piece of furniture is will be a big factor in the price quote. Is it a three seater couch, or a few chairs? Fair is fair, so you won’t be charged the same as someone hauling away a bedroom set if you’re only looking to remove smaller junk items.



Where your furniture is located is equally important. The amount of stairs and tricky corners will play a part. Are your items all the way up in the attic or near the front door? The complexity of the move will contribute to the quote provided.



If you call for furniture removal for an item that requires dismantling, this will be considered as part of the quotation process. Ready to move items will skip this portion of the evaluation.


Average Cost of Dumpster Rentals

Hauling off your own dumpster will cost less than the full no-stress service we offer. If you choose to go this route, take these things into consideration:

  1. Fuel – how far away is the landfill you’ll be hauling your junk to? Consider whether or not you’ll be making a few stops in between – to recycle and donate different items.
  2. Size – be weary of calculating the exact size of the dumpster you’ll need. Nothing’s worse than completing a job and realizing the dumpster you’ve ordered is too small.
  3. Shape -be considerate of the shape of the items you’ll be dumping. Technically, all of your junk should fit, but depending on the shape – the size needed may change.
  4. Trips – Making one trip out is ideal. By accurately calculating the size of the dumpster required, take the amount of trips needed into consideration so you can estimate the fuel needed for the job.


Other Factors That Affect Furniture Removal Cost

It’s not as easy as ‘one-price-fits-all’. Every furniture removal job is different and will require its own assessment. We offer all our clients an estimate of the costs of removing furniture that takes into account their own unique service requirements.

Here are a few other factors that will determine furniture removal costs:



Depending on the items set for furniture removal, we’ll estimate the time it will take to complete the job. Loading and unloading and project cleanup are all taken into consideration



When disposing of certain items, there are fees involved. It’s not as easy as just unloading junk to a landfill or recycling facility. Some furniture, such as mattresses, have fees associated with their disposal.


Restricted Items

As we go over the items you’ve called in for furniture removal, we’ll let you know which, if any, are restricted. That means these items are restricted from transport by the powers that be. This is typically for safety reasons and mostly includes hazardous material. These items will not be included in your quotation.


Condition of Furniture

If you are throwing away extremely moldy furniture, we may need to take extra measures to protect ourselves from it, as well as you and your family as we haul it away. Mold can be toxic and we’re glad you’ve made the decision to rid your home of it.


Ethical Furniture Removal

We always love to hear our clients ask for sustainable solutions. We’re keen on taking care of our environment and we’re glad you are, too. Here are just a few ways Jiffy Junk gets eco-friendly:



You know the saying: ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’? This is certainly the case with so many items we’ve picked up in the past. Delivering your unwanted furniture to thrift stores and charity organizations puts a smile on our face, and it should put a smile on your face, too. If everyone shared their unwanted belongings instead of disposing them, the world may end up with a lot less trash.


Recycle, Reduce, Reuse

Some recycling centers accept furniture. They can remove some of the parts of the furniture and use it for other purposes. When you call us for junk removal, we’ll assess each and every piece we haul away from your project. If any portion of an item can be recycled, you can rest assured that’s where we’ll send it.


Last Resort

Sometimes the last option is the only option. We do everything in our power to steer clear from landfills, but when it’s necessary, it’s our only option. The good news is that we’ve exhausted all other options and always aim to be eco-friendly.


How to Reduce Furniture Removal Cost

Here are some pro-tips to reduce your furniture removal costs:



Drop the items you’ve set for furniture removal in an easily accessible area. You can get the help of a family member or friend to take the old furniture out of the garage or the attic and put it somewhere it can be easily loaded and hauled away.


Affordable Rates

We cater to your location and offer the best prices around. Any better than the prices we offer and you’ll be sacrificing professionalism and quality. It takes extra care, precision, and a professional attitude to steer around tough corners and avoid damaging your home in the furniture removal process. Your junk is our junk, and we ensure the removal process exceeds your expectations.


Check Reviews

If your chosen junk removal service has bad reviews, there are good reasons why. Junk removal is more than just hauling goods away. Our 4.9 stars are a testament to the quality, efficiency, and professionalism we bring to every client’s furniture removal service. We come masked, with disinfectants, and ensure that no junk is left behind.

If you opt in for a mediocre service, you may end up paying more for repairs and clean-up.



Furniture removal can be a big source of headaches. But if you know what to do and who to turn to, you can get rid of your old furniture hassle-free.

Don’t let your old furniture at home collect dust, we’ll ensure it lands in the right hands where it can be re-used or sadly, dumped. Other people might find it useful, and we always hope that’s the case.


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