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How to Make Bulk Trash Removal More Efficient

February 17, 2018.

The definition of “bulk trash” includes items that are too bulky to fit into the regular trash bin and are not allowed to sit on the curb without a fine. Some examples of bulk trash include:

  1. Large appliances, such as dryers, washing machines, and dishwashers
  2. Certain types of construction debris
  3. Chairs, sofas and other furniture, including lamps and rugs
  4. Mattresses

Mandatory Evacuation

If bulk trash is not picked up, it creates an excellent breeding environment for bugs and rodents. It also poses safety hazards for animals and small children. A quick way to eliminate the risk is to get a pick-up service, especially if the trash has been there for a little while.

These professionals have experience in bulk trash removal and are the most efficient way to get it handled. They know what is recyclable, what is donatable and what can or cannot go to the dump. Hire a pick-up service and let them do the heavy lifting.

1.    Step on a Crack…

Appliances can be heavy and awkward. Sure, microwaves or small televisions might not be a big problem, but when it comes to air conditioners and stoves, it’s easy to see how you can pull a muscle trying to muscle these appliances out of the house. Avoid back injuries.

PRO TIP: Remove doors from appliances to reduce safety risks and assist in ease of pick up.

2.    Beautiful Home and Garden

If you’re doing some remodeling, you may need some carpet ripped up or have other materials that are unusable. Concrete, siding, glass, porcelain, shingles—even drywall, all are considered bulk trash items. It’s hard to work with heavy materials but can become a job well done if you have the correct skills and tools to clean them up.

3.    Bye, Bye, Bye

Sometimes furniture can be the most daunting thing to move. Usually situated around corners and brought diagonally through doors, it’s a wonder you got it in there in the first place. Whether the furniture you are parting with is in good condition or not, you don’t want to drop it or otherwise damage anything in the way (like yourself).

4.    Mattresses

Difficult to hold, move and maneuver, mattresses do not rank high on the “Favorite Things to Move” list. Not only are the dimensions both long and wide, leaving no place to grip, but they are also very wobbly and heavy. Wrap the unwanted mattress in plastic wrap and call someone.

Easy Bulk Trash Removal

There are numerous steps required to make sure your bulk trash gets removed, but the easiest and most efficient way to take care of bulk trash is through a professional service like Jiffy Junk. We do jobs big and small. You won’t have to think about the heavy work, the recycling laws, and whether or not to donate, because we will do that for you. Click here to get started or call us for a free personalized estimate.

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