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The Perks of Professional Store Cleanout Services

November 25, 2017.

Has the time come to pack up your store and move on to greener pastures? Whether you’re relocating to a more suitable space or closing permanently, cleaning out a retail location is no small feat. Once the stock is packed and furniture removed, you’re still likely to face a mountain of debris, broken stock and trash. Working with professional service providers may be the best and most cost-effective option for removal in the end.

How Pro Store Cleanout Services Can Save Money

Regardless of your reason for clearing a retail storefront, there are a few ways it can save you money to work with the pros.

Merchants moving to a new location will have a vast array of tasks to manage. In many cases, you simply won’t have time to take care of everything on your own. Working with an experienced and professional service provider can streamline the moving and cleaning process dramatically, potentially saving you from an additional month of rent. When the space is left clean and ready for the next tenant, you’re also able to avoid paying any associated cleaning fees. You’re free to focus on the tasks only you can manage, while professionals clear out debris and unwanted items quickly.

When you outsource your final cleaning and debris removal, you can almost be in two places at once. While you’re moving stock to your new space and getting ready for your grand reopening, your old space can be squared away without your labor or time investment.

Timely and effective cleaning is vital to proprietors going out of business, too. You simply can’t afford to drag out the process, accruing additional rent and cleaning fees when the business is no longer generating income. There’s an emotional component to consider, as well. The last cleaning can be a difficult task from an emotional standpoint, particularly when you’re already in a vulnerable state. Getting things done quickly makes it easier to move on to the next chapter.

What to Look for in a Retail Cleaning Service

Choosing a service provider for your store cleanout is easy, when you know what to look for in a provider.

Ideally, your cleaning professionals will provide white-glove services that include hauling unwanted items and debris to donation and recycling centers, utilizing landfills as a last resort. This helps you to minimize the environmental impact of your move, which is especially important if your stock includes any hazardous materials or chemicals requiring special disposal. If you’re going out of business, you may also be able to secure one last tax write-off by donating unsold stock to a charity in your area.

You’ll also want a provider who goes above and beyond simple junk and debris hauling, because you don’t want to spend more money on cleaning services or be tasked with this yourself. At Jiffy Junk, we know how important a retail cleaning project is for our clients. We provide full-service clearing and cleaning to customers in all five boroughs, in addition to Nassau and Suffolk Counties. We’ll come to your location to clear away debris, leaving the space clean-swept and ready for the next tenant. No fuss, no headache.

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