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Throwing Out a Mattress? NYC Rules and Regulations

March 21, 2018.

Once a haven for rest and relaxation, your mattress is now an uncomfortable mess in desperate need of replacement. Since it’s not every day you need to get rid of such a large and relatively expensive item, you may be surprised by just how detailed and strict the rules can be when it comes to throwing out a mattress. NYC regulations exist for a noble reason: to keep bedbug infestations at bay. Still, compliance can be complicated or even downright difficult.

A Guide to Throwing Out a Mattress, NYC Style

The City of New York Department of Sanitation, or DSNY, has strict rules in place governing the disposal of mattresses. They will come to collect mattresses left out on the curb, but you must ensure they’re properly enclosed in specialty mattress bags designed to limit the spread of bedbugs in such densely populated quarters.

Mattresses smaller than 4’x3′ can be bagged and placed on the curb for collection without an appointment, but anything larger and you’ll need to make arrangements with DSNY. You’ll have to bag large and ungainly mattresses yourself, then haul them down to the curb no earlier than 4pm the evening before scheduled pickup. A mattress can’t be placed in a manner that impedes pedestrian traffic, hangs over into the street or impinges on neighboring properties. Failure to comply with any of these rules, from bagging to curb placement, can leave you facing fines or citations from the city.

If you’re on a tight deadline, DSNY scheduling can cause serious complications. Appointments may need to be booked as early as four weeks in advance, which can leave you on the hook for a full month of extra rent if you’re trying to get rid of a mattress in preparation for a move. You can’t be held up because of difficulty throwing out a mattress; NYC rents are just too high to risk missing a move-out date.

Quickly and Efficiently Removing a Mattress

You can spend time and money working out the details of arranging mattress disposal and securing the mandated bags, which are not provided by DSNY, to then invest physical labor into hauling an unwieldy mattress all the way down to the curb after all that work. Or, you can dispose of your mattress quickly, easily and cost-effectively with a single phone call.

At Jiffy Junk, we understand how difficult it can be to get rid of big items in a very big city. Our trained technicians offer white-glove removal services for any kind of waste you can imagine, up to and including mattresses.

We’ll come to your location anywhere in the five boroughs, Nassau or Suffolk Counties to remove all your bulky waste, whether it’s one mattress or a full hoarding cleanout. We’ll even leave the space swept clean and free of any lingering dust bunnies, which can be especially helpful when you’re preparing for a move. Don’t strain your back or your wallet or risk fines from DSNY. Let us get rid of your old mattress in a flash!

Call today: 844-543-3966.

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