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Disposal Services for Property Managers

July 6, 2016.

If renters always left their apartments and homes clean and spotless, property managers and landlords would not need disposal services. But all too often, renters don’t fulfill their agreed-upon final cleanup duties. They can leave behind old food in the refrigerator, furniture pieces, mattresses, clothes, plants and assorted trash. This can cause delays in the move-in date for the next tenant or even planned renovations. For these situations, put Jiffy Junk’s number on your speed dial.

Cleaning, Hauling and Disposal Services

Property managers and landlords love the fact that they can get their cleanup and disposal services all from one company, no matter what the mess is. We can haul out heavy items like mattresses and sofas, even pianos and hide-a-beds. We’ll determine the best disposal or recycling site to receive delivery of those types of pieces. Once the bigger items are out of the way, we will clean up the rest of the trash and belongings left behind and haul that away as well.

With the property free of leftovers from your former renters, Jiffy Junk’s cleaning crew will do the work floor to ceiling that should have been done by renters. Carpets will be vacuumed and cleaned. Tile, vinyl and wood flooring will be swept and mopped. Bathroom and kitchen plumbing fixtures will be cleaned, along with kitchen appliances. We’ll even do a final dusting of the entire residence and make sure the interior of the windows are sparkling clean.

Residential property managers aren’t the only ones who call us for clean-up after a renter moves out. Commercial property managers deal with some of these same issues. Old file cabinets, boxes of trash and old electronics are all common leftovers in office properties. Restaurants and bars that default on their lease or lose possession for other reasons are notorious for leaving a mess behind. Nothing is too big or small for us to tackle.

Property Renovation Disposal Services

Even when renters leave the premises immaculate, there always comes a time when your rental spaces need renovation. These renovations can be as simple as replacing the appliances or as extensive as a full remodel of the entire space. Jiffy Junk is the perfect solution for these situations as well.

We’ll haul away old appliances before the new ones get delivered so the space is ready for the new installation. We can do flooring removal and disposal of carpet and tile. We’ll even do the demo of the kitchen and bath, unhooking plumbing fixtures and tearing out cabinets and countertops. We can do the full demo and disposal or just pick up your demolition waste and haul it away for you.

At Jiffy Junk, we’re all about making life easier for our clients. We also believe in recycling and reusing. Whatever can be recycled or donated will be delivered to the appropriate centers. We do our best to limit the amount of waste that goes to the landfills for Suffolk and Nassau Counties.

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