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Air Conditioner Recycling Done Right

Our experts know how to get rid of air conditioners the eco-friendly way. The process can be a bit tricky, even for a portable air conditioner disposal, but our attention to detail just one thing that puts us ahead of the competition. If you're on the lookout for old air conditioner disposal, we make it easy with competitive pricing and stellar customer service.

Our Air Conditioner Removal Process

We make it easy for our clients to book and receive quality air conditioner removal. Simply contact us at (844) 543-3966, go through our simple online booking process, or chat with one of our reps via our website!

We'll answer all of your questions, provide competitive pricing via a free quote, and schedule your air conditioner pickup in a jiffy.

Our professional and courteous customer service will wow you and our licensed air conditioner disposal team will show you exactly why we're #1!


Expert AC Disposal

Our AC disposal team is expertly trained in how to remove a window air conditioner as well as standard ACs. We also follow best practices, public policy, EPA regulations, local ordinances, and federal laws to a tee. You can count on us for the window air conditioner and portable air conditioner disposal. - no matter the size. Residential and commercial customers have been relying on us to meet their needs safely and efficiently since 2014. So save your back and rest assured, we'll remove that AC for you in a jiffy.

Why Jiffy Junk

Jiffy Junk beats the competition in more ways than one - and we got the reviews to prove it! Here's why our clients appreciate our air conditioner removal services among many others:

Our air conditioner removal team earned their expert status through comprehensive training and industry licensing. Our client's safety and property are our top priorities at all times.

As part of our licensing and training processes, we follow all local, state, and federal guidelines that pertain to air conditioner removal and all of our other services.

Where you live is where we live, too! We care about our community and the environment, that's why we offer air conditioner recycling when possible.

As part of our Earth conscious efforts, giving back to our community via donations is a given. Whenever others can benefit from your item disposals, we deliver!

What Makes Jiffy Junk Different

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few things you can do to prepare for old air conditioner disposal, however, with Jiffy Junk, there's no need to get your hands dirty! We take care of everything from start to finish - including leaving your space broom-clean with our White Glove Treatment add-on.

If you're still looking to prepare for air conditioner removal service, you can remove doors, drain refrigerant, and even dispose of any hazardous waste.

For your safety, leave it to us - we'll prove air conditioner removal in a jiffy!

Yes! Air conditioner recycling is possible. With Jiffy Junk, we know how to properly dispose of an AC unit in a non-hazardous way. The process of recycling air conditioner and any item, when possible, is part of our Earth conscious mission. Call Jiffy Junk today to get a free quote and schedule your AC removal at 1.844-JIFFY-NOW.

Here are some signs it's time for window air conditioner disposal:

  • Poor air quality
  • Age
  • Energy bill is higher
  • Funky smells
  • Strange noises
  • Air flow is weak

Jiffy Junk knows how to get rid of air conditioners in an environmentally friendly way. Allow us to come haul it away and make room for your replacement AC.

Our old air conditioner disposal services are a safe and reliable way to haul away your AC. After we pick it up, we will take one of these disposal routes:

  • Resale, if fixable
  • Air conditioner recycling, because we're Earth-conscious!
  • Landfilling, if there's no other option