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How to Throw Away a Refrigerator that Doesn’t Work

July 15, 2017.

When your refrigerator finally gives up the ghost and you’re forced to spring for a replacement, what’s the last thing you want to worry about? For most people, the answer to that question is “disposal.” When you have a broken refrigerator, you’re likely to be more focused on replacing this essential appliance than all the laws and regulations surrounding the disposal of your old one.

In New York, you must have the Freon or chlorofluorocarbon gas removed before a sanitation service will take the appliance. However, depending on the type of Freon used in newer appliances, municipal pick-up may not be an option.

Appliances with newer types of Freon come with flammable warning stickers, and municipal sanitation will not collect the Freon or take the appliance. In this case, you’re left with only two options: contacting the manufacturer or working directly with a waste removal service.

Legal Guidelines and Regulations for Refrigerator Disposal

In addition to CFC and Freon concerns, you must also be aware of safety regulations requiring the removal of all doors, hinges, and locking mechanisms on discarded refrigerators.  Even if you can schedule municipal pick-up for your old fridge, you’ll still have to mostly dismantle the appliance in order to comply with legal guidelines. Because these types of appliances come with a different set of rules than other bulk items, it can be challenging to navigate the process within the municipal framework.

For most people, ethical and responsible disposal is just as important as adhering to the law. Recycling old appliances is not only possible, but encouraged. Everything from the metal to the foam insulation has the potential to be recycled, which means you have the opportunity to do right by the environment when you dispose of an old refrigerator.

How to Throw Away a Refrigerator with No Stress

Do the legal requirements and ethical implications of getting rid of an appliance have your head spinning? Figuring out how to throw away a refrigerator doesn’t have to be a challenge or a source of stress. You also don’t have to break your back trying to do the heavy lifting after you’ve located all the different systems you’ll need just to dispose of a single broken appliance.

At Jiffy Junk, we know that you don’t want to spend your valuable time tracking down all the appropriate service providers and recycling centers in your area to dispose of a broken refrigerator. That’s why we offer services that extend far beyond simple hauling.

Our experienced professionals will come to your home or place of business to fully uninstall your old fridge. Then, we’ll ensure safe and legal CFC and Freon removal. We’ll take your inoperable appliance to the appropriate recycling facility, so you’re able to rest assured that you’ve made the most ecologically responsible choice. In the end, you’re not faced with the stress of managing several tasks related to a single appliance disposal. Let us take the old fridge off your hands, so you can enjoy all the bells and whistles on your new appliance.

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