Clean Out Services for Foreclosures

Clean Out Services for Foreclosures


One of the main uses for clean out services in New York is foreclosures. Although the housing market and economy has rebounded in the last few years, the rate of foreclosures is still high. When a family is forced to move from their home, it is unlikely they will make much effort to clean the home thoroughly before they leave. These homes are left with old furniture, trash and other rubbish that needs to be cleaned out and removed.

In New York state, the rates for foreclosure are less than last year, but still high. As of April 2016, it is estimated that 1 in 1508 homes in the state are in foreclosure. Suffolk County is one of the highest areas, with 1 in 612 homes in foreclosure. While New York state remains below the national average, it is only by .01%.  In April, there were over a 1,000 foreclosed homes were owned by the banks, with another 1,000 plus homes in auction in New York.


Benefits of Using These Services


Most of these foreclosed homes will be possessed by the bank holding the mortgage, then eventually go to auction or back on the real estate market. The bank holding the title may hire a property management company to get these homes ready to put back on the market. But first, they must be emptied of all the previous owner’s possessions. While some people may take most of what they own with them, others leave behind a wide variety of items and trash. Cleaning out these homes quickly and completely is essential to begin the process of finding new owners and recovering some of the money owed on the foreclosed loan.

Both real estate agents and property managers that handle these foreclosed homes need a way to get these homes ready for sale. Specialized hauling and cleaning companies are often hired to do the bulk of the clearing out of the home since they have the equipment and resources to quickly empty the house of everything left behind. Since many homes will contain heavy furniture, trash and items that are required to be recycled such as old TVs and other electronics, these companies can offer a valuable service. They can pack up and clear out the variety of items left behind and ensure the contents are brought to the proper disposal facilities.

Jiffy Junk offers professional services for foreclosures in Suffolk and Nassau Counties in New York along with New York City. Our teams can quickly pack up anything left behind in these homes, including furniture, debris, recyclables and other items, hauling them away. We always leave our spaces swept and vacuumed once we have removed all the bulk rubbish from the home. If you have a foreclosed home that needs to be made ready for sale, call our friendly staff to get a quote.

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